Recreational spaces for
high performance


Recreational spaces for
high performance

The Vall sports pavilions are the perfect solution to cover a sports court for short, long or permanent periods. Economical, resistant and easy to assemble, these demountable pavilions are designed under the EN13782 certificate and allow a huge interior space with high lateral height, which make possible the regulatory practice of sports activities and competitions like basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer and badminton. It is also suitable for social, recreational or cultural events.

An innovative concept for sports spaces

The Vall multi-purpose pavilions comply with the corresponding safety and environmental regulations, as well as the criteria of safety, functionality, habitability, comfort and current maintenance. We offer a fixed price project without budgetary deviations.


10 – 40 m


3 – 6 m

For other dimensions please contact us.

Sports pavillions with quality finishes


Translucent textile tarpaulins without insulation

Easy installation and effective results. Their textile thread let the light pass through it improving the luminosity of the space.
Grammages 650 g / m².

Opaque textile tarpaulin without insulation

The fact of not allowing the light to pass makes it cooler in summer.
Grammages 850 g / m².

Tarpaulin with TWS system

The Thermal Wind Safe system has two sheets of canvas that create an airtight chamber providing a high level of thermal insulation and stabilization of the structure. It is recommended for light and large format structures that withstand wind or snow loads. Available in translucent or opaque.

Lateral enclosures

Translucent or opaque textile tarpaulins without insulation

The most economical system in terms of installation timing. Possibility of mounting one piece units that offer great wind resistance and durability. Grammage 650 or 850 g / m².


Rigid panel of double sheet like sandwich which is composed of two side of profiled steel, pre-lacquered and an insulating core. Available in different thicknesses depending on the needs of the project, and in different materials adapted to fire resistance.

Simple corrugated sheet

Enclosure of rigid panels of pre-lacquered single sheet. Profile of high quality corrugate metal sheet 40/250, useful width 1000 mm, fretwork 40 mm, thickness of 0.6 mm. Available in different thicknesses, coatings and colours.

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