Sandwich panels: The best option for enclosing your industrial buildings

The sandwich panels are the best option for enclosing prefabricated industrial buildings due to the many significant advantages they offer over other alternatives. If you are not yet aware of the advantages that make this the most recommended solution, we will show you the main ones so you can see for yourself their importance and the benefits they bring to your project.

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How to reduce your company’s carbon footprint with the help of prefabricated industrial buildings

Reducing the carbon footprint in companies is key to a sustainable future. Greenhouse gases are the main contributors to climate change, and reducing emissions helps to reverse this global issue. Prefabricated industrial buildings are great allies in moving towards a positive change for the environmental health of the planet.

The registry of a company’s carbon footprint and its effective actions for reduction demonstrate real commitment to environmental care. Movements like eco-logistics aid in reducing the carbon footprint in the business sector.

From VALL, we want to show you the main reasons why prefabricated industrial buildings help reduce your company’s carbon footprint and how they achieve it.

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Prefabricated temporary buildings: the fast and cost-effective solution to improve companies resilience and avoid shortages.

Prefabricated temporary buildings are the fastest, most effective, and cost-effective solution to avoid shortages in the complex and changing world today. Both for storing raw materials in companies and large corporations and for storing manufactured goods before they are shipped out of the factory. And for large companies engaged in buying and selling or transporting and distributing goods.

From the outbreak of the pandemic to the crisis in the Red Sea, barely four years have passed. During this time, situations have occurred that make it difficult for companies to forecast and cause their storage needs and the physical presence of goods to fluctuate to a level never known before.

The current landscape is very complex.

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Temporary buildings for heavy industry

Temporary buildings for heavy industry are efficient and cost-effective solutions that offer great advantages to this sector of the economy. Heavy industry has specific needs and requirements for its work and storage spaces. Meeting them is key to providing the space that facilitates the company’s day-to-day operations and contributes to improving its bottom line.


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Logistics challenges for 2024

The logistics challenges for 2024 are a tough job for companies to overcome. They are challenges that involve making important decisions and finding effective solutions in a wide range of areas. And that requires individual effort in each company, but also in some issues, joint industry collaboration. Despite the difficulty for companies to live in a time of such drastic and rapid change, there are many reasons for optimism.

At VALL, we help companies in the logistics sector to successfully overcome the challenges they face. We create  logistics temporary buildings with everything you need for the present and ready for the future.


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Removable waste treatment pavilions

Removable waste treatment pavilions are the quickest to implement, most efficient and sustainable solutions for waste treatment. Waste treatment companies have special requirements and the standards for setting up a waste treatment building are very demanding. It is essential to comply with current legislation, to maximise environmental protection measures and to facilitate operation within the pavilion.

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What is eco-logistics and what does it consist of?

Eco-logistics, also known as ecological logistics or green logistics, is in the focus of the most cutting-edge and environmentally responsible companies. Out of conviction, to improve their image or to save resources and money, it is a model for the future that leading companies are adopting today. And more and more of them know what it is and are joining the movement.

If it is still a term that sounds like it’s from another world, discover from VALL what eco-logistics is and what it consists of.

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