EN13782 and EN1090 regulations: what you need to know

VALL ‘s industrial buildings and industrial tents comply with the strict European regulations relating to structures: the EN13782 and EN1090 regulations. Do you know what they indicate and what guarantees compliance with these European regulations? We are going to get to know them in depth, since they are indicative of the quality, strength and safety of our metal structures.

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How the Russia-Ukraine conflict affects logistics

To the challenges for logistics in 2022 , a new, powerful and sad one has been added: the war between Russia and Ukraine. It is not yet known what consequences it will have in terms of lives and the economy, but beyond the sad reality that people in this area suffer, the effects on sectors such as transport and logistics will see their activity affected. Read more

The cardboard sector on the rise

The cardboard sector is on the rise. Did you think that digital devices and the cyber world would lead to a reduction in cardboard consumption? Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that the figures make it clear: the cartonboard sector is one of the fastest growing. Investors and companies have already recognised this.

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