What a cardboard and paper warehouse should be

What a cardboard and paper warehouse should be: Paper and cardboard are products of organic origin, particularly sensitive to moisture, heat, light, dust and fire. It is one of the most common materials in the domestic and industrial environment and probably one of the materials that requires the most attention in its conservation.

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Essential features for grain storage

Essential features for grain storage: Grains are natural products and, once harvested, they continue to live and evolve. If grain is not stored appropriately, its biological activity may be increased and it can quickly become spoiled.

Because of this, it is important to control the internal temperature of the warehouse and, above all, control the humidity. There are numerous of devices and machinery to help control these measures, but it is necessary to have a properly sealed water-tight and insulated space in order to keep these constant. Read more

The advantages of steel in the removable industrial building

The advantages of steel in the removable industrial building: Aluminum is the star structural material of industrial buildings and tents. It is light, flexible and cheap. Many times it becomes the ideal option for a removable warehouse with limited use in time. Even, as we have explained in previous publications, with a good application, it can become a strong enough option to withstand adverse climates.

However, throughout our trajectory, at VALL we have found many cases in which the performance of aluminum was not enough.

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«Our temporary buildings are operational in a minimum time»

When a client has the need to generate a covered space for their company or project, they come up with a series of questions that must be answered efficiently by a qualified team, conveying and contributing maximum quality and security. The most frequent ones are usually regarding the advantages a temporary building offers compared to traditional construction, what are the regulations that cover this type of structure, technical aspects of the assembly process, etc. Today we speak with the CEO of one of those companies that go a step further and not only answer all those questions, but also dare to outline future ones.

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Buying or renting a removable tents vs. a permanent building: Which is better?

Your business is growing, and you might be considering the possibility of opening a new warehouse or industrial tent. Building, buying or even renting a new building, however, requires a huge amount of capital and resources, and a long process of design and construction in case you want a new building adapted to all your needs. Although in the long run, a permanent building can be a solution for your business, there are many advantages that make temporary buildings a better choice.

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