We have answers
to the details


We have answers
to the details

Small details make the difference

Discover our range of accessories and equipment that complement our removable industrial structures to improve the quality of the facilities from accesses, coatings to heating, cooling, lighting, etc.


Our structures can be equipped with all types of doors, pedestrian crossings, emergency exits and industrial doors for entry of materials and vehicles. Sliding, sectional, Instant-pass, swinging, etc.

Loading Docks

Loading platforms with levellers, shelters and loadhouses. Painted or galvanized steel structures (optional), and rubber stops. Adaptable to the measures in each structure.


Rainwater collection system through longitudinal gutters and downspouts in PVC or sheet metal. System of union of tents through a gutter made of PVC tarpaulin and its corresponding downspouts.


Halogen or LED type systems and emergency lighting.


Systems of protection of interior and exterior contours, corners and doors. Anti-impact protection so that the walls and pillars of its structure do not suffer damage from impacts that can cause vehicles or machines that work inside and also outside if necessary.

Heating and air conditioning

Air conditioning equipment, adaptable to the needs of each client.

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