26 noviembre, 2020 Carles Vall

How long does it take to set up a removable industrial warehouse?

How long does it take to set up a removable industrial warehouse?

Not all removable industrial buildings are the same and, therefore, it takes different amounts of time to build one or another. Without any doubts, construction speed is a detail that has made this type of storehouse very popular in recent years. At VALL, por ejemplo, for example, the assembly record mark is a 300m2 warehouse ready to use in a single day.

Of course, the time it takes to set up a space with these characteristics is not as important as the punctuality with which the promised deadline is met.

set up a removable industrial warehouse

Speed of execution is a key factor

When an organization or company decides to buy or rent this kind of structure, it usually knows already to which purpose it is going to be used, based on an already existing need. The longer it takes to acquire that hired space, the more the company’s operations progress slows down. It gets worse when the work plans have been adapted to delivery schedules that are finally not satisfied.

VALL always assume the commitment in our delivery times

That is why at VALL always assume the commitment in our delivery times. We can do it because we build our own sheds; we do not depend on third parties for the bulk of our work; we ourselves design efficient and agile assembly systems to apply; and our workers are long-term professionals, prepared to anticipate any setback and advise on solutions.

EcoSpace, the fastest and most economical option

How long does it take in VALL?

Our delivery times vary, especially depending on the type of hired removable warehouse and the accessories that we want to include. We have, thus, for example, the previously mentioned case discussed at the beginning of this article: the 300m2 warehouse assembled in a single day; it is an EcoSpace warehouse, with an aluminium structure, opaque canvas enclosures and a translucent canvas cover without insulation. A simple and instantaneous model widely implemented for specific, short-haul uses, although it also offers good performance for longer uses. A warehouse like this, with a surface area of ​​2,000m2, would take about 7 days to assemble, or 15 if the required square meters are 6,000.

set up a removable industrial warehouse

For a removable industrial warehouse with a higher performance, such as the AluSpace, model, it can take from 7 days for a single 1,000m2 space, up to 25 days for a 3,000m2 warehouse with a stabilizing and insulating cover. It allows more complex finishes with attractive aesthetic qualities, such as a glazed market, with internal and façade stalls, of 1,904m2, built in 40 days.

MaxiSpace, the most durable dismountable industrial structure on the market

Finally, for a MaxiSpace, type warehouse, the most resistant, durable and largest on the market, construction times range from 21 days for a 1,800m2 space to the 2 months required for a fully equipped 9,000m2 warehouse with loading docks.

set up a removable industrial warehouse

With this assortment to offer, at VALL we can not only commit to meeting tight construction deadlines, but we can also guarantee the benefits that best suit each project, available in an optimized time.

VALL general manager