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Why is it profitable to invest in the aquisition of a removable building as a company

Why is it profitable to invest in the acquisition of a removable building as a company? If you are considering this option, you are in the right place. We are going to see the advantages that make it an investment of interest for the company.

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In VALL you can buy industrial buildings for sale and rent. Today we are going to show you the main reasons why the purchase of removable warehouses by a company is profitable.

Why is it profitable to investing in the acquisition of a removable building as a company

In a company, every purchase must be examined in terms of necessity, practicality and profitability. It requires an analysis of the convenience or not of it. And the investment in the purchase of removable warehouses from a company, logically, does not escape this.

Indeed, it is a profitable investment. And in turn improves the company’s ability to grow, develop and adapt to change.

Immediate reason for the need to have a removable industrial warehouse.

Has your company’s space needs increased? If so, your immediate solution is a removable warehouse. You could be waiting months to achieve the necessary permits to start building conventional industrial buildings. But if you need covered space as soon as possible then investing in a removable warehouse will get you started in a few days.

At an economic level it is evident that it is a good decision. You cannot miss the opportunities that lead you to need a new removable industrial building for your company.

Immediacy is a value that is not always easily quantifiable. Because you don’t always lose money. It often goes hand to hand with other important subjects, such as the distrust of a client. Or the loss of an opportunity to access a specific market. Or the loss of possibilities to overtake the competition, among others.

But you can try to make an approximate calculation by checking how much your company would lose due to the unavailability of a warehouse each day. And multiply it by,  the most likely, hundreds of days it would take to be able to give the use you want for this removable warehouse to a conventional one.

It allows you to face unforeseen events quickly and efficiently and improves the company’s ability to adapt

Unforeseen events in markets and companies are not something new. But in the last two and a half years the business world has become adept at finding the unforeseen and figuring out how to successfully address and overcome them.

Pandemics, wars, supply crises, massive and runaway price rises, bottlenecks in ports… Who knows what unforeseen event may arise on the least expected day. What is clear is that the company must be prepared to face these unforeseen events quickly, safely and efficiently.

Investing in the purchase of a detachable building as a company provides greater capacity to successfully face a multitude of unforeseen events.

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Does the headquarters of your company need to temporarily increase production and have a space enabled for it?

Due to price and availability, when you get a supply of raw materials, should you be able to store it in appropriate facilities?

Does a transport strike paralyze you because you have nowhere to store what you produce and it doesn’t go out for distribution?

In these and other cases, having a removable warehouse from a company saves you time and helps you earn money. So its profitability is evident.

Solve your temporary needs at the moment and with the minimum inconvenience.

And what happens when your temporary needs make it necessary to have a warehouse as soon as possible? That you should spend resources in search of a quick solution. Management time, calls, search for the type of warehouse you need…

If you already have it, you save valuable time. And other resources, such as the hours of effort to find what you want.

You simply have to reinstall the warehouse that you had uninstalled when you no longer needed it. In the same place or in a different location as required by the company.
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It’s a profitable investment even when you don’t use it.

But what if there are periods when you don’t need it? Also in those moments you can make profitable the purchase of the removable warehouse. Because you can dispose of it in the way you consider most appropriate, since you are the owner.

For example? Let’s look at some possibilities:

  • Sell it yourself if you think you won’t need it in the future. This way you will have made use of it when it has suited you and you will get a good price for it.
  • Rent it to others. This way you will continue to have your property in case you need it again, which is very likely. But instead of having it stand still, when you don’t need to use it, you can get money from its rent.
  • Locate it in your own or rented space to give it another use. You will likely find an independent business opportunity outside of the company that will allow you to use it again.

It is cheap and easy to maintain

To assess why it is profitable to invest in the acquisition of a removable building as a company, another question must also be clear. And it is that its acquisition cost or initial cost is low. And its maintenance, very economical. This is key to its profitability together with the aforementioned advantages.

If you are considering whether you are interested in buying or renting a removable warehouse for your company, we advise you to contact one of our advisors at VALL. We will listen to your needs and help you make the most beneficial and profitable decision for your interests. Or you can request a quote directly.

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