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Advantages of removable sports pavilions

When we talk about the advantages of removable sports pavilions, we inevitably think of very specific and very large events. For example, at the end of a competition. Or for an event for which a high demand of tickets is expected.

Or when a sports team has been promoted in a competition, among others. However, the advantages of removable sports pavilions, such as VALL‘s SportSpace, go far beyond sporadic and circumstantial use. For this reason, they are becoming an increasingly valued option for clubs, companies and institutions such as local councils and organisers of sporting events.

Here is an overview of the advantages of removable sports pavilions. Discover why it is interesting and the possibilities it offers for municipalities, institutions and companies. 


1. Quick commissioning.

Removable sports pavilions are a quick solution. As they do not require building permits and can be installed, depending on their size and materials, in just a few days, they can be put into service very quickly. As they function as permanent pavilions, there is no need for conventional construction for this type of building. 

Thus, it is the most advisable option if, for example, an area has grown rapidly in population and its residents demand sports facilities.

This is not only a great advantage for municipalities or county councils. Sports clubs or companies can also benefit from the speed of installation.

2. Versatility of use and construction.

Another of the great advantages of prefabricated industrial buildings for sports pavilions is their wide range of uses and qualities. In this way, they can cover both a specific need and become the permanent sports facilities of an area. They can be smaller spaces for practising directed activities or they can be large open-plan spaces for practising regulated sports, including bleachers.

But these pavilions can also be scaled up in size. They can be reduced or increased depending on the needs of the area. They can be used for concerts, cultural activities, indoor markets or fairs and much more, by adapting the facilities. Thus, as needs change, the removable pavilion can also be adapted. 

3. They are the most cost-effective solution for sporting events.

The construction of removable facilities represents an economic saving compared to the construction of conventional facilities, mainly for 3 reasons:

  1. They are built with fewer materials and resources than those of conventional construction, without losing properties, simply by taking advantage of technological innovation in the production of these materials. Savings in energy, water and raw materials mean a lower price.
  2. Less labour is needed to assemble them, or at least for less time, as they are built at a much faster rate. This reduces labour costs.
  3. Their construction produces no debris, so there is nothing to remove or manage. The costs that would be involved in this management are eliminated.

In fact, they do not require foundations or, if they do, they are much simpler than conventional foundations.

All this means that production costs are reduced. And this, together with the speed of assembly and versatility of use, makes removable pavilions for sporting events very cost-effective, whatever the purpose and duration of the installation. 

4. They help to reduce energy consumption.

In addition to the savings in construction, removable pavilions also help to reduce electricity consumption.

The thermal insulation provided by a modular industrial building for use as a sports pavilion is important. But, above all, the possibility of taking advantage of natural lighting without losing insulation makes it a sustainable, environmentally responsible and economical option.

5. They make it possible to organise seasonal activities.

It is very common that, depending on the season, a type of popular sport is organised, often by the local councils themselves. Around Christmas, for example, there is a wide range of ice skating rinks. In winter, there are mobile climbing walls. At the end of spring, it is common to find the end of school sports competitions… 

The temporary nature of popular sporting events requires different solutions. However, most municipalities cannot afford conventional facilities that are suitable for all these options. Because of space, cost and uncertainty of use. But they can opt for a removable pavilion, which can be transformed according to the changing situation of the locality or dismantled when it is no longer necessary.

In addition, many competitions and sporting events require facilities with specific characteristics for the practice of sport. And if the institutions or associations bidding to host them do not have pavilions that meet these requirements, they cannot opt to organise them. However, removable pavilions can overcome this problem by providing appropriate and fully adapted facilities.

6. They transform outdoor facilities into indoor facilities.

Another advantage of removable sports pavilions is that they can increase the capacity of fixed facilities and even transform them. 

In both public and private sports facilities, the construction of a removable sports structure makes it possible to increase the sports space, either temporarily or permanently.

But they can also be used to convert, temporarily or permanently, outdoor pools into heated pools. Or outdoor courts into indoor courts. In this way, all facilities can be used continuously throughout the year, even during the coldest of winters.

7. They contribute to revitalising the local economy and improving lifestyles.

In addition, such facilities open up new business opportunities.

Sports events, popular sports activities, exhibitions, competitions or cultural activities that attract visitors to a particular area can be organised in a removable pavilion. Without having to invest in major building works. And without necessarily occupying a public space on a permanent basis.

In this way, they make it possible to organise activities of public interest in areas where there are no fixed facilities. Events that serve to energise the social life of a locality and act as a tourist attraction.

On the other hand, they allow different municipalities or private clubs to offer temporary services to promote the practice of a specific sport or a healthier lifestyle. 

In this way, they help to revitalise the local economy in a profitable way and provide a service to citizens. 


In order to get the best value for money, remember that it is important to have the most professional services possible. This way you can have a highly efficient and cost-effective sports hall, with all the guarantees, whether it is a temporary or permanent pavilion, to buy or rent.

At VALL we are designers, manufacturers and assemblers of SportSpace removable sports pavilions, with extensive experience. And we will be happy to answer your questions and advise you without obligation.

Roger vall sales manager