22 octubre, 2020 Roger Vall

VALL’s contribution to the ITER project with its MaxiSpace warehouse

VALL’s contribution to the ITER project with its MAXISPACE warehouse

ITER is, at the moment, the most ambitious energy project in the world. A project that European countries share with six other countries around the world, and which takes place in Cadarache, France.

The ITER project aims to replicate the nuclear fusion process that occurs in stars to generate energy. A clean, safe and inexhaustible way of producing electricity, which would displace fossil fuels and allow us to forget about radioactive waste.

Vall’s contribution to the ITER project with its Maxispace ship

Collaboration with Dalkia

All participating countries have collaborated with material contributions, both in the preparation of the land, the infrastructures or the manufacture of the pieces that will make up the enormous reactor. It is in this last area, in the manufacture of the tokamak type reactor, where Spain has collaborated. However, at VALL we have had the honor of collaborating on the project with Dalkia, the French company responsible for the Energy and Facilities Management of the ITER project.

This year, 2020, is the one chosen to start the assembly of the reactor. The pieces and materials come to Cadarache from all over the world. And there they are stored, managed and redistributed to begin the most delicate phase of the great project.


MAXISPACE for logistics, warehousing and even mining work

In this situation, VALL’s work has consisted of creating a MAXISPACE warehouse for logistical use, storage and even mining work that may be required. The warehouse is 38 meters wide, 35 meters long and 12 meters high. And its most significant element is the 30-meter wide mega door that gives the building enormous versatility of use.

The best option, MAXISPACE

The area chosen for the development of the ITER project is an area with great climatic stability and low seismic incidence. Environmental conditions in which, a priori, it would not seem necessary to apply solutions of a resistance as superior as that of our MAXISPACE. However, the free height required for this building, the value of the project and the enormous precision with which every little detail must be treated, do require the specific properties that only MAXISPACE offers on the market.

Vall’s contribution to the ITER project with its Maxispace ship

Long-lasting architectural piece

It’s strength and resistance will withstand any type of activity, within an absolutely diaphanous structure. And they will provide maximum security for people and materials that pass through it. Furthermore, its durability makes it a long-lasting architectural piece, which will accompany the ITER project as long as it is necessary.

All this, of course, with the advantages of VALL removable industrial buildings: high-quality finishes, easy maintenance, affordable cost, great respect for the environment, and the possibility of dismantling it and moving it to another place, if necessary in some of the delicate construction and commissioning phases that will come in the next years.

Vall proyecto ITER con nave Maxispace