30 septiembre, 2019 Carles Vall

VALL challenges the limits of traditional constructions with removable solutions

“Our objective is for our removable structures to have the same capabilities as traditional constructions”, explained the General Manager of Grup Vall, Carles Vall, in an interview with this newspaper.

“Removable structures have, to date, some technical limitations which we have been overcoming in order to expand their capabilities, whether in terms of use, function or otherwise”, added Vall.

Grup Vall is a company specialised in the construction and installation of removable structures which, since 1987, has been committed to offering logistics operators the possibility of having a quick, covered and versatile space at a competitive price. The philosophy of the company is its customer focus: to listen, understand needs and look for the best solution. “This has led us to develop solutions outside of our comfort zone, taking on the external challenges that we are presented with”.

By definition, removable systems are already more versatile than permanent ones, since they always make it possible to recover the covering without reducing the value of the land. In this way, the focus of Grup Vall is “to design in accordance with actual needs and reuse items once they are no longer needed, leaving the land free and without any loss of material”. In fact, one of the latest incorporations that sets Vall apart is “being capable of offering systems with usable widths and clear heights, which hadn’t previously been offered in removable structures”.

Over 30 years

“We originally began distributing tents for industrial events, then we began making these systems ourselves and, finally, we developed our own products with new removable covering solutions”, detailed Carles Vall.

Vall highlighted that “our range of products and services is very wide and varied, perhaps one of the most complete ranges on the market”. Moreover, the company has over 30 years’ experience which “gives us a great deal of experience in the sector, with a complete professional team made up of around 90 people, which covers the entire process, from the design and fabrication to the implementation of the project”, he assured. “If you have the land, we have the right tools to get you up and running in a very short space of time”, he added.

International presence

Grup Vall has a strong international presence. The company opened its first branch in 2014 in France and has commercial agreements with companies of the sector in other countries. It is also present in England, Algeria, Australia and Mexico, among others. “Our products can be found in over 20 countries”, highlighted the General Manager of Grup Vall.

This is why, in terms of export volume, according to data provided by the company, 50% of its production is currently exported to other countries.

Commitment to RDI

Furthermore, Grup Vall is firmly committed to research. “Although we do not have an RDI department as such, every year we have invested some of our budget into this field and we have our own patents as well as innovative products which are available on the market and are leaders in the sector”.

Finally, Grup Vall holds the EN 1090 certification, a legal requirement since 2014, “which has given us the peace of mind of knowing that we fulfil all the legal requirements and offer a high-quality product”, concluded Carles Vall.

Source: Diario del puerto