3 marzo, 2020 Carles Vall

The advantages of steel in the removable industrial building

The advantages of steel in the removable industrial building: Aluminum is the star structural material of industrial buildings and tents. It is light, flexible and cheap. Many times it becomes the ideal option for a removable warehouse with limited use in time. Even, as we have explained in previous publications, with a good application, it can become a strong enough option to withstand adverse climates.

However, throughout our trajectory, at VALL we have found many cases in which the performance of aluminum was not enough.

The advantages of steel in the removable industrial building

Therefore, years ago VALL incorporated steel as a structural material, to cover all those needs that aluminum cannot cover. We are pioneers in Spain implementing this type of warehouse and tents and, even today, we are the only ones that build this type of product in the country.

But what does steel offer that aluminum does not provide?

The main reason we decided to incorporate steel into our product range is its great strength and durability.

Many of the projects that have been entrusted to us throughout our professional career needed to last an indefinite time, not limited time. We had to build almost permanent industrial tents and removable warehouses. And the removable steel warehouses can offer very similar benefits to the buildings, in terms of quality, safety and versatility, with the advantage of not needing foundation.

Without maintenance

The maintenance they need, over the years, is scarce, and withstand adverse weather conditions, and the scourge of salt and moisture in ports and coastal areas.

To do this, we place external ballasts, fixed to each of its edges, in a triangulated position, to increase the stability of the structure.

The advantages of steel in the removable industrial building

The other great contribution of steel to detachable tents is space. The strength and hardness of steel make it possible to create immense diaphanous structures, without the need for pillars, columns or other reinforcements that limit the internal space. They are perfect for warehouses and logistics, mining, fairgrounds, large covered sports centers, etc.

It is not always the option that we recommend to our customers, since it is a substantially more expensive material that does not always provide an increase in the performance of our removable tents. But when a project has specific needs that only steel can cover, at VALL we are the only ones who can apply it with efficiency and full knowledge of its uses.

At VALL we always analyse all our projects in detail to apply the best materials in each case and meet the needs of durability, resistance and capacity, at the most optimised price possible.