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Store and protect cardboard with Vall’s removable warehouses

Store and protect cardboard with Vall’s removable warehouses

It is difficult to find an industrial building company specialised in warehouses for specific products. We often take for granted that conventional warehouses are the strongest and safest to protect any material. However, with thirty years of experience in the field of removable industrial buildings, VALL shows us that it is possible to build specific warehouses according to the product to be stored, its safety, robustness and tightness have little to envy to conventional warehouses.

store cardboard removable warehouses building

One of the sectors in which VALL has specialised in the last decades is the storage of cardboard and paper, materials widely used in the domestic and industrial fields, which require special attention for their conservation:

– Not too cold, not too hot.
– Minimum possible incidence of UV radiation.
– Minimal exposure to dust.
– Absolute insulation against water and humidity.
– Maximum prevention against fire.

VALL designs, manufactures and assembles removable industrial warehouses, adapted to these parameters, adding three great advantages over conventional buildings: they protect from ultraviolet radiation without the need for additional installations, they offer more space per meter built, and their construction is much cheaper and faster.

La gran diferencia con estas naves fijas está en la gestión lumínica

The big difference with these fixed buildings is in the light management. To be able to handle a cardboard or paper warehouse it is essential to have a light source. However, UV rays emanate from both natural and artificial light, except for LED lighting conditioned for this type of protection. Therefore, in the case of conventional warehouses, it is advisable to install this LED lighting. However, in removable industrial warehouses there is the possibility of installing a protective translucent cover, which allows enough light to enter, preventing the passage of ultraviolet rays. An economical, sustainable and efficient solution that, well manufactured and installed, offers an optimal level of security and tightness.

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Its high levels of tightness and insulation are perfect for the conservation of these materials. Isolates paper and cardboard from moisture, condensation, dust build-up, fungal growth and the entry of insects. In addition, its structure allows the easy and efficient installation of ventilation and temperature control systems, as well as loading docks and accesses of all kinds. But, above all, they allow a complete use of the built space, since the construction elements occupy little space and allow sufficient rigidity and resistance to avoid the use of internal columns and pillars, becoming completely open-plan large logistical spaces.

Another relevant advantage of these removable buildings is that they facilitate a sustainable and viable growth and decrease of the space, keeping all the properties intact: they can be reduced in size if the demand decreases, they can be easily expanded if the needs increase and they can be dismantled if they stop being necessary. This scalability allows us to access a warehouse perfectly adapted to our specific needs, with the precise size, also on a rental basis, without necessarily having to become owners of the warehouse.

store cardboard removable warehouses building aluspace VALL

But being removable does not mean that they are temporary VALL warehouses have a long durability and easy maintenance, where the parts to be repaired or replaced are agile and simple work, and at a very low cost, compared to the conventional warehouse.

Various models, always high quality

In order to meet disparate needs, VALL offers us two different models of removable industrial warehouse: AluSpace and MaxiSpace.

The AluSpace model is based on a high-performance aluminium structure that allows great adaptability to terrain, needs and sizes. While the MaxiSpace model, with a steel structure, is designed to create large, robust and long-lasting logistical spaces.

Savings, efficiency, safety, comfort and variety are the guidelines that VALL applies for the conservation of material in the cardboard industry. But without a doubt, it is their vocation for research and development to cover all the needs of the sector that makes them a safe bet for the future.

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