7 octubre, 2020 Roger Vall

Where can you store excess stock?

Where can you store excess stock?

In production and manufacturing sectors it is especially important to maintain a balanced flow between the quantities that are offered and those that are demanded. Sometimes you have to be careful not to produce much more than you are selling. But at other times, a rebound in orders must be expected.

Sometimes there are exceptional circumstances, unexpected events that can trigger the need for a specific product. Or, on the contrary, cause your consumption to freeze completely.

Where can you store excess stock?

Bear excess stock

Unlike what happens in the service sector, in production and manufacturing, when the market is paralyzed, an excess of stock that is not going to be sold must be supported. This material must be stored properly so that it does not spoil during the time it is immobilized.

Something similar happens when there is a substantial increase of demand for a product. Either because it has suddenly become popular in the market, its consumption has exploded or you have become a supplier to a company with high demand. In these cases, it is also necessary to increase the storage space, to conserve it properly until the moment of its distribution. For all these cases, the most advisable thing is to acquire a removable industrial warehouse.


Relocatable industrial warehouse

It has general properties very similar to conventional construction buildings, but its costs and production times are much lower. The wide range of services that we develop at VALL also allows us to provide each relocatable warehouse with the level of rigidity, insulation, watertightness and adaptability it needs to guarantee optimal storage of the product it keeps.

Ability to expand or reduce as needs change

But the main attraction of this type of warehouses, when we talk about storing stock, is that they can be expanded or reduced as the needs of the company change. It can be purchased in rental mode, to cover a specific increase in stock, or can be resorted to buying, in the event that the increase is indefinite. In both cases, the relocatable industrial building can be scaled or moved, if necessary.

Where can you store excess stock?

An investment asset

At this point it is important to remember that the purchase of a relocatable industrial warehouse is, today, an investment asset. Its removable condition makes it a product that can be resold and reinstalled, also to be modified to suit your new use. And of course, it’s great value in the traditional resale or rental model in its original condition and location.


At VALL we guarantee high quality and innovation in terms of materials, manufacturing and assembly processes, to offer the best performance, more stable structures and, in general, much more efficient constructions, so that your warehouse, temporary or permanent, is always a good business.

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