11 diciembre, 2017 Vall


nave industrial desmontable 16 x 46 x 6

We often find companies that are located within a piece of land that is not their own, but they may need ADDITIONAL INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS or  LOGISTIC WAREHOUSES.  This operation often involves a reduction in the assets and the optimisation of the use and profitability of operational costs, either for temporary projects or to provide maximum flexibility.


This situation presents some advantages but also some inconveniences, since you will hardly ever find that you have the right facilities to cover all the requirements for each particular operation.

nave industrial desmontable de 11 x 12 x 6 en terreno alquilado

This was Sika AG’s case in Bahrain. They had no more available space indoor to satisfy their plant’s logistic requirements. Furthermore, the factory’s land had no large clear spaces for the construction of INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS. Logically, the question was the following:

How can we count on ADDITIONAL LOGISTIC WAREHOUSES on a piece of land that is not our own and where, considering the country’s circumstances, in just a few years, we shall no longer need the warehouses that are now essential for us?

The option was to install removable industrial buildings in order to count on the necessary LOGISTIC WAREHOUSES. And they had to be of the right dimensions for the available spaces at the plant’s location.

mapa bahrein

Sika AG turned to us to provide them with a solution. We suggested the installation of 3 removable buildings from our Alu-Stock range, which we considered suitable for the available land.

Our technical department designed the necessary removable INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS. Then, we visited the plant in Bahrain in order to verify the dimensions and installation conditions.  In less than 4 months Sika’s plant was equipped with the ADDITIONAL LOGISTIC WAREHOUSES that they needed for their activities on schedule and everything was done with enhance flexibility and at a lower cost than using traditional solutions.

nave industrial desmontable 13 x 25 x 6


Our own team carried out the installation to ensure our quality standards and to shorten the deadline.



Increased indoor space in INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS in a short time. A profitable investment with maximum flexibility.

Maxi Stock and Alu Stock removable INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS and Eco Stock industrial tents optimise the available resources to help make the best of your industrial or commercial activities.