18 septiembre, 2020 Roger Vall

Removable industrial buildings with a corporative identity

Removable industrial buildings with a corporative identity: Rarely, when people think of a visually corporate building, do they imagine a removable industrial warehouse.

Buildings with corporate identity are often imagined as imposing works of conventional architecture, full of innovative architectural elements.

But this usually only applies to the headquarters of large corporations. Many companies need a wide range of buildings to be able to produce, manage, distribute and promote their services or products. Of these establishments, those dedicated to production and distribution do not usually need large corporate names. However, product display and sale points (and even administrative ones) usually deserve some more aesthetic attention. A visual that already invites, from the outside, to enter and enjoy what it keeps inside.

Removable industrial buildings with a corporative identity

A good example of this type of company would be those in the automotive sector:

They handle a large and expensive product, which requires a very specific type of space to be exhibited: wide, open, with large entrances and shop windows. Easy to clean, well ventilated and cozy. Sometimes these buildings need finishes that convey prestige, quality, even luxury. Other times, materials that offer robustness and comfort are required.

On some occasions, they even require an architectural element that is related to the brand, such as a huge wavy canopy or a genuine structure such as a circular building. They do almost always need a specific use of colors and materials in their coating and decorative elements that relate to the brand and large logos on their facades.

At VALL we have developed numerous demountable industrial buildings for use as exhibition and sales centers, fairgrounds and temporary markets.

The challenge for these spaces has always been to find that aesthetic peculiarity that each project requires, since our warehouses cover, at a functional level, all the demands, requirements and regulations.


Understand the customer and the value of your brand.

To meet aesthetic needs, the most important thing is to understand the customer and the value of your brand. At VALL, we also add attention to detail, a wide range of ad-hoc manufactured solutions and the experience we have acquired over the years, including new materials, new elements, new solutions and new finishes. Expanding the possibilities of demountable industrial buildings, from the purely functional to the aesthetically imposing.

In addition, the low cost of this type of building, its ease and speed of construction and maintenance, and the possibility of disassembling, moving, selling or even stopping renting them when they are no longer needed, make them an ideal option for the sales and exhibition sector, so changing and dynamic.

Removable industrial buildings with a corporative identity

For this reason, at VALL we make all of our research, development, manufacturing and assembly capacities available to our clients, so that any project you can imagine can materialize.

Removable industrial buildings with a corporative identity