25 septiembre, 2020 Carles Vall

Removable industrial buildings that contribute to development

Removable industrial buildings that contribute to development

The health emergency situation that we have just experienced with COVID-19 has make us revalue the most basic resources and products of our consumption cycle.

Surely, toilet paper was the main protagonist of those first days of confinement. But another material, also produced with cellulose, has taken over in the medium term: cardboard.

Cardboard as a necessity

Cardboard is necessary for the distribution of food, pharmaceutical and hygiene products, precisely the most basic products in times of confinement. And from the beginning of the pandemic, manufacturers and industry associations took responsibility for continuing to operate to ensure the distribution of essential materials and products.

VALL Removable industrial buildings that contribute to development

Sales in the cardboard sector were already making upward progress in 2019. Online shopping has done a lot in that regard. Now, with the confinement, this type of consumption has exploded, as well as the consumption of products related to health and hygiene that, as a general rule, are packaged in boxes.

Such has been the increase in the cardboard sector that the Spanish manufacturer ProCarton had to expand its storage spaces in Arganda del Rey, Madrid, with 2 VALL ALUSPACE model removable industrial buildings.

Covers temporary needs

In this context, we could understand the acquisition of demountable industrial buildings as a temporary resource to cover the needs that have occasionally been generated in this situation. However, no major changes are expected in the new consumption habits of society. Hygiene and sanitary products will continue to have great relevance, at least, for the next year. And e-commerce has established itself as a safe way to buy: in fact, the 2 new ALUSPACE warehouses acquired by ProCarton are just an extension of two other VALL demountable industrial warehouses, which the cardboard factory already owns.


Demountable industrial buildings can be dismantled if they are no longer needed.

Likewise, can be downsized if demand drops. They are an economical, highly efficient option for the storage of cardboard: spacious, open-plan, and make the most of the space to handle cargo vehicles inside. They are perfectly insulated, maintain a watertight atmosphere ideal for the conservation of cardboard. In addition, in this specific case, the translucent cover makes it possible to work in these spaces without the need to install electric lighting, with the consequent savings that it entails.

VALL Removable industrial buildings that contribute to development

Efficiency, safety and comfort are the guidelines that at VALL we have applied for the conservation of material in the cardboard industry. And we will continue working from research and development to cover all the needs of our clients. Whatever your sector or your challenge is.

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