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Removable industrial buildings: to buy or to rent?

Removable industrial buildings: to buy or to rent?

Unlike what happens with conventional industrial warehouses, removable warehouses can be acquired in rental mode, before their construction. In other words, you can request a customized and totally personalized industrial warehouse, without acquiring it as a property, which would be unthinkable with a conventional shed.

VALL removable industrial building - buy or rent

But in which situations is it better to rent?

When needs are very limited in time, particularly. For example, if the warehouse has to cover a commercial activity while the definitive building is under construction, as in the remodelling process of a market. Also, when the shed is destined to cover needs generated by an extraordinary situation, such as a soup kitchen for workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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In these very specific and delimited cases, it would not make sense to acquire a removable industrial building in property, since it is very unlikely to need it again in the future

The advantages of the removable industrial buildings

However, removable warehouses have also other great advantages, compared to conventional ones, which make them a very interesting investment asset: they can be taken apart and reassembled anywhere else. That is, you can buy and use them in a specific location, and then sell them for use at the same location or wherever the new owner could wish.

VALL removable industrial building - buy or rent

So, based on this, when is it better to buy?

Buying a removable warehouse is always a good deal. Especially when the role to be performed is of indefinite or prolonged duration, such as an increase in production or stock. The shed might not be necessary for a long time, but it is impossible to know how long you will have to produce or store more.

Buying is also a grand idea if the warehouse is given a permanent use. Relocatable sheds, today, have very similar benefits to conventional ones. You should consider it carefully if you are starting a business and need an economical and efficient covered space solution, or if you are going to carry out an extension.

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The removable industrial building are better adapted to your needs

A removable industrial warehouse can grow or decrease according to the arising needs. So, if at any time you need to vary the size of your space, you can do it quickly and inexpensively.

And if one day you need to sell your company, you will increase your selling possibilities, since you will be able to sell the built-up land, or the land and the warehouse separately.

VALL always works with the best qualities

Although, of course, for the business to be profitable and the warehouse to have a long-life cycle, it is essential to have the best qualities and highly professional work, such as the one we do at VALL.

Remember that when in doubt about whether to buy or rent a removable industrial building, you can count on personalised advice from our professionals, so you don’t overpay or settle for less.

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