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Sustainability as a value proposition

Sustainability as a value proposition helps us companies to differentiate ourselves. To contribute positively looking towards future generations. To bet on society and contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the world from our business activity.

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Sustainability as a value proposition

At VALL we are aware of the importance of sustainability as a value proposition. That is why we make decisions that help us to be more sustainable.
In addition, we know that we are generating a double positive impact. Because this is how we help the companies that choose our products to follow this path. To choose solutions that allow them to be more sustainable. And that they can point to sustainability as one of their value proposals because they really bet on it.

Sustainability as a value proposition at VALL

Why at VALL we are committed to sustainability

For many companies it is very comfortable to manufacture without worrying about social responsibility. But at VALL we are not one more. We are aware that we only have one planet and we want to take care of it.
Why do we create sustainable products?
Why do business model that allows companies to be more sustainable which are 100% recyclable materials?
Why did we choose a business model that allows companies to be more sustainable and have spaces when they need them without interventions on the ground that have a high environmental impact?
We know how climate change can affect people’s lives. That negatively influences issues such as the quality and quantity of crops, the increase in famines and mass migrations, the rise in sea level that affects ecosystems and human settlements.
We care about the world we inhabit. The society in which we live and those that are farthest from us. We are concerned about the future and what legacy we will leave for generations to come. And that is why we make the effort to be a sustainable company. That is not always easy. But that is very satisfying.
We highlight sustainability as a value proposition because we really trust it. And we know that many of our clients are equally respectful of these issues. That they too have sustainability as a value proposition for their businesses. And they need suppliers and resources to help them meet that goal of being companies that strongly believe in sustainability.

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What do we do at VALL to have sustainability as a value proposal

We create products inspired by sustainable principles.

And how do we do it?

  • We manufacture removable steel and aluminum buildings and removable tents that can be installed and removed with minimal environmental impact.
  • We build warehouses and tents with steel and aluminum structures, which are 100% recyclable metals.
  • We create warehouses that have many uses and can have many lives. If a client no longer needs it, he does not abandon or destroy it. If you have rented it, it becomes a leasable asset for another business. If you have bought it, you can re-sell it, rent it, or use it for a different business of your own.
  • We create industrial buildings and tents that adapt to different circumstances and needs.They do not cease to be useful because a user’s needs to use them end. It is still a valid, useful, efficient product.
  • We design and manufacture highly durable products. Its long useful life is key, because in this way we avoid having to invest more resources in its replacement and we contribute to not increasing waste on the planet.
  • We manufacture high-efficiency dismountable warehouseswith covers and enclosures that allow for a more comfortable interior temperature all year round. This allows its optimal use for different utilities with alower need for energy expenditure.

Sustainability as a value proposition

We offer services inspired by the principles of sustainability.

We rent removable tents, removable warehouses and removable hangars that solve temporary needs with a very low environmental impact.
They are reusable solutions because when they are not needed they are disassembled and used again elsewhere. They are reused as many times as necessary within their long useful life. In this way we prevent them from becoming waste in a short time. And we avoid an indiscriminate increase in natural resources for manufacturing or construction that occurs in products with a short time of use.
In addition, we help our clients to be more sustainable companies. Because we provide solutions that are. Thus, its environmental impact is less. And also your carbon footprint.

We take the environment into account

  • We choose materials taking into account their environmental impact and maintaining the key characteristics for a product of the highest quality.
  • We make decisions to minimize the amount of waste we generate, reduce our carbon footprint and reduce water consumption in our facilities. And not only in the manufacturing area. Other sections of the company such as offices are also sustainable areas. Choices such as digitization to save paper or the use of recyclable solutions, among many others, are part of our daily lives.
  • We carry out an orderly management of waste.

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We seek benefits for the environment and for society

Through sports sponsorships and other actions, we contribute to promoting a healthier lifestyle, which takes into account values ​​of solidarity, respect for the opponent, improvement of society and care for the environment.
Sustainability as a value proposition is not an empty slogan or a marketing and advertising strategy. It is a value in which we believe and for which we bet. As you can see, at VALL we care about and work equally for sustainability in all areas of our business.

Roger vall sales manager