6 mayo, 2019 Roger Vall

«Our temporary buildings are operational in a minimum time»

When a client has the need to generate a covered space for their company or project, they come up with a series of questions that must be answered efficiently by a qualified team, conveying and contributing maximum quality and security. The most frequent ones are usually regarding the advantages a temporary building offers compared to traditional construction, what are the regulations that cover this type of structure, technical aspects of the assembly process, etc. Today we speak with the CEO of one of those companies that go a step further and not only answer all those questions, but also dare to outline future ones.

First of all, congratulations on your 30th anniversary. What are your thoughts after achieving such an important number?

We believe it’s the result of having been able to shape our reality according to the changes and challenges of the market, developing products and services that give intelligent answers to our clients’ covered space needs.

Grup Vall had a pioneering role in its field, and today enjoys being the leading company in the manufacture of tents, industrial buildings and removable pavilions. Speaking of formulas for success, what is your philosophy behind these years of work?

There are no magic formulas, although a set of actions of different kinds, although perhaps one that I would like to mention is our origin that did help us, is that our parents and some other person from our environment educated us on principles that have been become the values ​​of the company and help us to face the day to day with enthusiasm and passion.

“We have shaped our reality according to the changes and challenges of the market»

How has Vall’s value proposition managed to keep the company at the top of the national leadership in the sector?

We have always tried to be slightly ahead of any event, that is, to see how our products or services could overcome the boundaries we were achieving and surpass them, take the known and achieved frontiers a little further each time.


What are the key differentiating elements between a temporary industrial building and one made of concrete?

At first, temporary buildings had many limitations, since originally people used large tents made for events and applied them to their industry, with all the limitations that it entailed. A conventional building had many advantages, especially regarding endurance, so there was no point on even comparing them. Today this gap has been largely narrowed; the regulations we ought to consider are in many cases the same, therefore we can now say the advantages of our systems are becoming increasingly more relevant and make our temporary buildings very advantageous solutions. The flexibility and speed of implementation are what determines whether a project is viable or not; the ability to install a ship on rental land that allows it to be recovered afterwards, or the fact that the investment isn’t lost, are some of the many relevant advantages.

How does the future of Grup Vall look like?

New possibilities open every day; there are many opportunities and it gives us a certain perspective, from new products that we are already developing to new markets. However, the biggest challenge is to be able to maintain the enthusiasm that has led us to where we are as a group, and to get the organization to be able to seize these opportunities.