16 mayo, 2018 Vall

Modular, portable industrial building units with no foundations needed.

A leading company dedicated to the manufacture of windmills has puts its trust in Vall to protect its products from the weather. In this case, our customers decided on a 30 x 50 x 7 m Alu-Stock unit, with a total of 1500 m² for this purpose. The pillars and lintels are made up of a rectangular aluminium profile of large dimensions and high strength.

This type of structure does not require foundations since it can be erected on compacted earth or asphalt depending on the ground or site conditions.

The cover consists of a textile roof system using two white translucent PVC tarpaulins with a slightly pressurised watertight air chamber. Our «wind-proofing» system with a thermal transmission K-factor of 1.5 eliminates the formation of condensation and can also provide air conditioning because of the level of insulation it provides. In addition, the windscreen system blocks any shifting or movement of the unit when exposed to high wind forces.

The translucent white cover canvas allows natural light to enter through the roof. This system is self-regulated by a small turbine that inflates the air chambers of the roof system using very low electrical consumption at minimal cost. The overlaps between the sections guarantee the complete water-tightness of the roof in all atmospheric conditions.

The reaction to fire test classification of roof sheets is Bs2d0, according to the Eurocodes for construction materials.

The perimeter enclosure consists of a rigid double-ply PIR sandwich panel made up of two sides of profiled and pre-lacquered steel and an insulating core of polyurethane foam, 40 mm thick, in a vertical arrangement bolted to the side straps as well as to the floor-level gutter that improves the water-tightness of the enclosure.

Classification by reaction to fire test Bs2d0.

This removable structure has pedestrian emergency exits with anti-panic openings provided for by law, and industrial access and loading doors.

It also includes a rainwater collection system by means of channels with their respective downspouts to the ground and everything complemented by a standard 250Lux/m² lighting system, consisting of 400W metal halide bell type lamps, electrical protection panel, anti-smoke cable type Afumex.

Emergency lights on doors and electrical panel.

The delivery time for these structures is usually: 6 to 7 weeks of manufacture plus 2 weeks of assembly.

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