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Vall designs and manufactures high performance relocatable industrial buildings

Vall designs and manufactures high performance relocatable industrial buildings

VALL has over 17.500m2 of their own installations where they develop the logistics, engineering, manufacturing and management of all their products. There they develop, manufacture and prepare all the materials used for their structures, they put them through several quality tests and make sure they get the appropriate maintenance and repair.

A working method that allows them to extend the lifespan of their products, optimise its costs and the costs of its services, improve its sustainability and create spaces that are completely personalised, with its maximum quality and efficiency.

Vall high performance industrial tents

This is how VALL works, with order, control and quality, with the commitment to uphold their clients expectations during the agreed deadlines.

Their working processes are based on listening and analysing the requirements of each project. Each project requires the highest performance, production time management and controlled costs without any budgetary deviations.

The great advantages of VALL

VALL has two great advantages when it comes to these necessities:

– It’s a manufacturer
– They’ve had a lot of experience through the years.

Their knowledge on the products and the industry are extensive and detailed. They have covered all needs from large logistic spaces, factories and port terminals to selling points, street markets and corporate headquarters.

A totally personalized product for our client

When a project requires it, they include visual aspects and aesthetics to the production. In other cases, sturdiness and stability come first in order to ensure security in places of hostile climate. Other times, its priority lies in making sure that it has the fastest production or the possibility to increase or decrease sizing fast when needed.

VALL knows well all the possible scenarios and can personalise each project in order to adapt to all their individual needs and specific requirements.

Vall high performance industrial tents

Maxispace, big dimensions for big plans

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EWithin their products, MaxiSpace, stands out the most, with great dimensions, sturdiness and durability. Its structure of steel allows it to build spaces completely transparent, without any type of column or intermediate guide, even in its central height.

An option that is highly recommended for permanent constructions or of indefinite duration, big logistic spaces, for stockage, engineering, manufacturing and mining and to cover the most demanding needs regarding resistance and security.

AluSpace, our most versatile warehouse

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AluSpace is VALL’s most popular model, the most versatile of its products. Its modular structure of high quality aluminium allows for a fast installation and a clear cost optimisation. They’re light, consistent and perfectly isolated and adapt to any type of need.

A great option for long period constructions, to cover any type of logistic activity, production, storage, exposition and sale, and to create spaces that can be easily scaled and moved.

EcoSpace, the fastest solution to an emergency

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EcoSpace is VALL’s. most economic model with the fastest installation. Its structure of aluminium results in a highly efficient product at a very low cost and its resistant solid cover entirely protects material, machinery and its workers. Its lateral walls of sliding tarp are easily manageable and reduce the need for access.

Recommend to cover urgent needs or of limited duration, for storage and indoors activities that do not have demanding requirements.

SportSpace, multidisciplinary sports halls

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VALL also has a sports model: SportSpace , available with either a structure of aluminium, steel or wood. They are safe, functional and comfortable spaces of low cost and fast installation, that allow any type of aesthetic finish. They offer great benefits for sports and cultural activities, for prompt or permanent use and are produced over a fixed cost with no budgetary changes.

It has great lateral height and interior spaciousness, which allows for a regulatory practice of any type of indoor sports, such as indoor football, basketball, badminton, volleyball or swimming.

A wide range of accessories to provide a quality service

All of VALL’s models can be completed with a broad range of accessories, in which we can find different types of access, space fronts and loading docks with personalised dimensions. Ventilation, air conditioning, illumination and stormwater collection systems can also be installed. And a great variety of protective elements both interior and exterior to prevent hits and chafing, especially in the case of logistic spaces where there’s vehicles driving both inside and outside.

VALL, three decades working in the sector

In addition, VALL bets for sustainability and energy saving. All of their warehouses are produced with a low waste index, have excellent insulation properties and offer indoor solutions that take advantage of natural light to minimise electrical consumption.

However, the biggest advantage of working with VALL is their commitment to fulfill the agreed budget and production times.

After three decades lending services in the industry and investing in investigation, VALL has gained a broad knowledge and maintains a clear orientation with their clients, to which they possess an excellent capability of advising and calculating their necessities. This makes VALL an efficient partner that is responsible for great solutions for covered spaces with the highest guarantees.

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