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The logistics sector demands prebuilt industrial buildings

In recent years, there has been a growth in demand for removable industrial buildings for the logistics sector.

The rapid increase in e-commerce and Marketplaces for the consumer are only part of the reasons why the sector needs quick solutions for the storage and distribution of goods. At Grup VALL, as a builder of removable industrial buildings, we have noticed an increase in requests that need to be covered in very short periods of time.

Why does the logistics sector demand prefabricated industrial buildings? Because they allow you to solve your needs

And what are those solutions provided by a prefabricated industrial warehouse for logistics? 

The logistics sector demands prebuilt industrial buildingsMain solutions found by the logistics sector in prefabricated industrial buildings.

The logistics sector demands prefabricated industrial buildings because they allow them to quickly meet the demand for more logistics land.

The demand for logistics land grew massively and immediately during the confinement , due to the COVID-19 pandemic. People had to keep stocking up, even if they couldn’t leave the house. And the points of storage, management and distribution of products had to respond to the massive demand. You could not wait months or years to obtain permits and complete construction to have the necessary logistical points. They needed a fast solution

Modular industrial buildings were installed in a few days, no more than three weeks to build a removable steel warehouse. These assembly times were only possible with models such as VALL‘s removable logistics warehouses.

But this is only one of the most representative examples of the increasing importance of the speed that the logistics sector requires. 

There are many other reasons why the industry may immediately need logistics space. For example, due to changes in consumer trends. Due to increases in purchases at certain times of the year. Or due to incidents on commercial routes, such as the grounding of the ship Ever Given, last March, which blocked and delayed the transit of goods in the Suez Canal, one of the main maritime arteries in the world.

These conjunctural situations mean that being able to have warehouses ready for logistics in days or weeks, depending on their size and characteristics, is one of the main reasons why the logistics sector demands prefabricated industrial warehouses.

Adapting to the new customer profile requires flexibility in logistics points.

It is no longer only urban environments or close to large cities that require logistical points. Rural areas also have targeted eCommerce. And that means that in the logistics for distribution for the private consumer, more centers of smaller size are needed, distributed in a well-designed network.

But the population changes that rural areas undergo at certain times of the year, coupled with the uncertain future of population movements in certain areas, require that these solutions must be flexible. 

And removable industrial buildings are the most flexible logistics constructions. In fact, VALL, as a builder and manufacturer, rent and sell industrial tents and removable buildings that can be used for a time in one location. And when they are no longer needed, they are collected and, if desired, installed elsewhere. 

The logistics sector demands prebuilt industrial buildingsRethinking the supply chain in industrial logistics to be fast and successful.

In some industrial sectors, the pandemic has forced a rethinking of the supply chain. A change that may not be permanent. That is why you need flexible solutions.

In some industries, the production stoppage implies a greater need for storage space. And that halt in production has ended up affecting, in a collateral way, many sectors. The automotive, telephony and practically all areas related to electronics will continue to suffer the crisis due to the shortage of chips until well into 2022. 

There are also cases in which companies simply seek greater proximity to ports or supplier companies , as well as distribution and sales centers. For what reason? To lower the cost of freight transport, obtain a presence in commercially strategic places and reduce the carbon footprint, a cost that is being paid more and more expensive. 

There are also logistics companies for the industry that found an opportunity in the pandemic situation to acquire or rent cheaper land in more interesting locations and did not want to lose the opportunity to make it profitable as soon as possible. In fact, the value of the land and the tax advantages are two highly dynamic factors, but to take advantage of the temporary advantages of this space, it is necessary to have a removable industrial warehouse in a short time to quickly move its logistics center to that new space.

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Solutions for immediate service: warehouses near large cities, operating in record time. 

The demand of the consumer individual, of small local businesses, shops, hospitality, mechanical workshops and other urban businesses requires more and more fast deliveries. This forces logistics companies to have close logistics points in an accelerated manner. Without waiting months and months to obtain permits and start work.

Flexibility according to the times of the year. 

Consumption is not the same everywhere or at the same times. For example, around Christmas, demand grows in large cities. In summer, on the other hand, there is an explosive increase in population and consumers in tourist and holiday areas. 

The removable industrial buildings allow you to create strategic logistical points according to the time of year and quickly dismantle them when they are no longer needed. In other words, it allows creating a network of variable logistics points according to the needs of the company and the demand of the clients throughout the year. And do it quickly and profitably

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Other solutions that the VALL removable industrial buildings builder provides to the logistics sector.

The above are not the only solutions offered by a prefabricated industrial warehouse for logistics. It would take a long time to list them all. But it is interesting to know the reasons why these types of facilities are demanded from the logistics sector.

  • Reduction of the carbon footprint and reduction of debris in the construction process. A seal of environmental awareness, for companies that want to provide a more ecological service. And even to access aid related to sustainable development. 
  • Lower energy consumption, more savings. Possible thanks to the reduction of energy consumption and the greater use of natural light in many of these constructions.
  • Better price, faster profitability. Both the materials and the construction processes are cheaper, without losing quality and even gaining in efficiency, in some cases. Something key for the sector.


At  VALL we are engaged with the intelligent development of the logistics sector. For this reason, we do not only manufacture, assemble, advise and accompany our clients throughout the process, in a personalized way. But we also look for ways to provide faster and more efficient services, even providing operational solutions in a single day, in removable tents that allow the logistics sector to optimize its resources to the maximum.

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