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Logistic spaces operational in minimum time

Logistic spaces operational in minimum time

Unexpected circumstances can happen at any moment, without prior notice. They can be of any type: an urgent and important order, market stagnation, a way of working that forces you to diversify your activity…

Today more than ever, companies must be prepared to adapt to new circumstances that may arise at any time. But this does not mean that they have to have large warehouses in which to be able to incorporate profits according to the market situation.

Espacios logísticos para empezar a trabajar ya

Fortunately, the market also offers all kinds of solutions to quickly and efficiently expand and reduce business facilities. And at VALL, we not only know and implement all the solutions, we also create novel solutions to adapt, day by day, to new conditions as they arise.

Logístic spaces

One of our main areas of expertise are logistics spaces. All kinds of space in which material can be stored and which can be used as a distribution point. Spaces where people, materials and machinery must be protected and able to move quickly throughout the warehouse.


Espacios logísticos para empezar a trabajar ya

Quick, easy and simple

Our logistics spaces offer a high degree of sealing and insulation to facilitate the conditioning of an appropriate working and storage atmosphere. They do not need foundations, which saves a lot of time and money. They show great resistance to inclement weather. They comply with all current European production certificates, and they can be taken down and reused, ensuring they are as environmentally responsible as possible.

Multipurpose industrial buildings and tents

Our tents and removable industrial buildings allow for the creation of completely open spaces, without pillars or columns. Up to nine thousand square metres of continuous space in which to move freely. And yet, our warehouses also allow the creation of perfectly sealed internal compartments, second floors, changing rooms, offices, etc.

To cover an indefinite need for enclosed space, the best option is to purchase one of our warehouses. However, for those projects that are clearly short-term in nature, it is best to choose our rental option, in which the entire assembly and disassembly process is left to our professionals.


Fast and efficient execution time

However, out of all the qualities that our logistics spaces offer, the most notable have to be the execution times: from an industrial tent of three hundred square metres in a single day, to a steel industrial warehouse of nine thousand square metres in sixty days, via a two thousand square metre aluminium warehouse in just fifteen days.

Whatever your new circumstances or the new market situation, at VALL we will always offer you the best solution, at the best prices and in the shortest possible time.

Espacios logísticos para empezar a trabajar ya