9 noviembre, 2020 Roger Vall

Industrial tents to adapting to the new times

Industrial tents to adapting to the new times

New times has brought new regulations to work environments. Now workers must maintain a safe distance, the spaces they occupy must have good ventilation and unnecessary interaction with other people, external and internal, must be avoided as far as possible.

All companies must adapt to these measures if they do not want to risk a massive contagion that forces them to stop their activity and see their reputation diminished. But, due to their size, there are companies that do not have space to comply with the regulations.

Industrial tents new times

Ecospace industrial tents as a solution to company problems

Until now, some have managed with creative measures, such as eating under an awning outside. But the cold has already arrived and these temporary solutions are no longer viable for the safety and comfort of the team.

In these cases, a relocatable industrial tentes such as VALL’s EcoSpace can be a good solution. A safe, comfortable and economical covered space option, whose availability is practically immediate: it only takes one day of execution to set up a 300m2 EcoSpace, and just two days to have a 1,000m2 industrial tentes.

An example of its operation is the recently installed EcoSpace next to an industrial warehouse in Castellón. The company did not have enough space to guarantee the safety distance at lunchtime, so they decided to opt for a low-cost 160 m2 industrial tentes, manufactured by VALL, to serve as a Covid dining room.

Industrial tents new times

A wide, safe and welcoming space

In this removable canteen, workers can gather in groups that respect the necessary distance from each other. In addition, to guarantee the comfort of the people at the time of the meal, the warehouse was equipped with vinyl flooring, a sandwich panel façade and a double-layer canvas cover, with an air chamber, to stabilize the structure as much as possible and function as thermal insulator.

Due to its small size, this case would not require a complex ventilation system, beyond doors or windows. But for larger spaces or in which workers’ stay would be prolonged, a specific ventilation circuit should be installed, such as the ones VALL incorporate into most of our warehouses, which also allows space to be heated or cooled, if necessary.


Without a doubt, warehouses like the EcoSpace are perfect to adapt to specific moments. They are operational in a minimum period of time and, when they are no longer needed, they are also quickly disassembled. But this type of solution could also have an application of indefinite duration to respond to problems such as the current one, with the Covid-19 pandemic, which, to this day, forces us to maintain all these new measures of security.

At VALL we are well aware of the challenges that companies face when regulatory, productive or economic circumstances change abruptly. That is why all our relocatable industrial buildings are designed to be produced at the lowest possible cost and time, without losing the optimal standards of quality, safety and comfort.

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