6 marzo, 2020 Roger Vall

Industrial tents that are assembled in one day

Industrial tents that are assembled in one day

After years dedicated to the construction of warehouses and industrial tents, at VALL we have acquired a great assembly capacity. Today, we can build logistics spaces in such short times that they could be considered almost for immediate use.

Our current runtime record is, no more nor less, than 1 day.

Of course, any type of detachable structure cannot be executed at such speed. But the variety of tents and warehouses we build is as varied as specific are the needs of our customers.


The construction we built in a single day is a detachable tent of the EcoSpace range of 300 square metres. Its small size was a significant factor in assembly speed. But the truth is that EcoSpace models always offer an optimized construction capacity. A similar tent of 1,000 square meters can be raised in just 4 days.

Industrial tents assembled in one day


However, the determining factors to build at high speed are, above all, the properties of the parts used and the experience of the human team. At VALL we work with efficient and resistant low cost materials, such as easily removable aluminum structures, or highly durable tarpaulins, used as covers and side enclosures.

For our part, our professionals have a long history in the preparation, assembly and disassembly processes. They know all the processes perfectly, the requirements and the materials with which they work. They are aware of the demands of the client and the news of the sector. Only in this way can a flawless, efficient and fast execution be achieved, both by lifting light tents and building solid industrial buildings.

Industrial tents assembled in one day

Fast and effective

This type of agile and quick to assemble tent, are especially recommended for storage and logistics. Its low cost and speed of construction make it one of the favorite products for those factories and companies that find strong peaks of punctual work or that, suddenly, accumulate a significant excess of stock, and need extra space, as soon as possible , to store and manage your production.

It’s just a model …

But the industrial aluminum tents, canvas cover and sliding canvas enclosure, are just examples of the products of the wide range of warehouses and detachable tents that we handle at VALL. And the principles of quality, efficiency and time optimisation are always applied in all the projects we implement.