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Industrial tents and removable warehouses for agri-food storage

food products are perishable products, they are intended for food and are especially sensitive to humidity, dryness, cold and heat.

Therefore, warehouses, in this sector, adhere to commercial needs and very demanding legal regulations, focused on the excellent conservation (and, therefore, maximum performance) of the stored products.

For this reason, industrial tents and removable buildings for the agri-food storage must meet strict requirements.

On VALL we know the sector well, the challenges it faces and the regulations that surround it. As builders of removable industrial buildings, we even have a specific line of solutions for the storage and conservation of agri-food products, with its own advisory service.

Bulk storage for solidsDo you need a covered space for agri-food storage? If so, you are probably interested in a removable building or an industrial tent for its price. Much cheaper than a conventional industrial building. But the truth is that, today, there are many advantages of these removable constructions over conventional ones. And there are few companies in the sector that choose the latter for their warehouses of agri-food products.

  • Why choose industrial tents and removable warehouses for agri-food storage:
    • Speed, convenience, versatility
    • Prepared for the conservation and storage of agri-food products
    • All necessary accessories and complements
  • How to choose the appropriate industrial tent or removable warehouse for the storage of your agri-food product:
    • Steel structure or an aluminum structure?
    • Organization of the interior space. Open or compartmentalized?
    • Cover strength.
    • Enclosure.
    • Modality. For purchase or rent?

Agro-alimentary bulk storageWhy choose industrial tents and removable warehouses for agri-food storage.

Speed, comfort and versatility.

  • Industrial tents and removable warehouses for agri-food storage do not require foundations. That allows for quick installation.
  • They are removable and reusable. You can move them to another place or you can remove them if you no longer need them. The land they have occupied up to that moment is recovered practically intact and ready for a new use.
  • Their modular structure allows them to be easily expanded or reduced, according to new storage needs.

Prepared for the conservation and storage of agri-food products.

  • They are resistant to inclement weather. You won’t have to worry about extreme heat, rain, snow, hail, or wind affecting the quality of stored products.
  • They have a high degree of insulation and tightness. To protect the product from humidity, pests and other key factors for its good conservation.

All necessary accessories and complements.

The removable industrial buildings are designed to accept any type of accessory to improve the quality of the facilities, depending on the needs of each case.

These are the main accessories and complements offered in the market:

  • You can include all kinds of solutions for the entry and exit of people and products: emergency exits, vehicle access, swing doors, sliding doors, windows …
  • Loading docks adaptable to the measures of each structure and the needs of each company.
  • Gutters and downspouts for the evacuation of rainwater, in various materials.
  • Natural and / or electric lighting solutions.
  • Protection of both interior and exterior contours, for corners and for doors.
  • Heating and air conditioning to maintain the right environment for the conservation of food products stored in the industrial warehouse or tent.

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How to choose the appropriate industrial tent or removable warehouse for the storage of your agri-food product.

Structure, steel or aluminum?

If you need a large warehouse or need to install it on land exposed to aggressive environmental conditions, you may be interested in a warehouse with a steel structure, type MAXISPACE by VALL.

If your needs are standard, in terms of size and resistance, a warehouse with a steel structure, type ALUSPACE or ECOSPACE. Its quick assembly will allow you to have it in a minimum time and at a very low cost.

If you are not sure which one best suits your needs, count on the advice of an expert team such as the one at VALL, where the cheapest possible solution will always be recommended to meet all your requirements.

Organization of the interior space, open or compartmentalized?

Unlike conventional warehouses, removable industrial warehouses can be completely open-plan and function as a single space without obstacles of any kind. Although, of course, it also allows you to create internal compartments or even to assemble different warehouses or tents, to have different products perfectly separated.

Cover strength.

The roof is the most important enclosure of the building. The one that receives the greatest environmental impact. There are many types of roof that can be installed and each one is recommended for a different need. For example, the tarpaulin with the Thermo Wind Safe system is highly recommended for locations and products in need of a very powerful degree of thermal insulation and wind resistance.

Enclosure of the industrial tent or prefabricated industrial warehouse.

The perimeter enclosure can be made of translucent or opaque canvas, a sandwich panel with insulation or a simple corrugated sheet. Depending on the level of thermal and light insulation you need, the use of one or another material for the walls will be recommended.

Modality, for purchase or for rent?

The removable industrial buildings can be purchased as a purchase or rental. And in both cases you will be able to decide every last detail of its configuration.

The choice of one or another acquisition method must be made based on the time you are going to need it.

However, you can ultimately decide on this point by knowing the budget of the solution that interests you in both modalities and making your own calculations profitability.

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Choosing and anticipating is not easy. Therefore, in VALL we advise you and help you find the right solution for your agri-food storage needs.

As manufacturers and assemblers of our own removable industrial buildings, we have a guaranteed service in terms of delivery times, production costs and final product quality.

Our products have all the valid certificates, mandatory and recommended at European level. But, in addition, we know the specific regulations that regulate storage in the agri-food sector. So that your product is kept at the highest level, with the highest possible profitability.

Contact us to receive personalized advice, request a budget without obligation or clarify any questions or concerns regarding agri-food storage warehouses.

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