10 diciembre, 2020 Roger Vall

The rental provisional supermarket that is entirely personalised

The rental provisional supermarket that is entirely personalised

The supermarket chain Orangután has just inaugurated its new hypermarket in Monzón, Huesca, after 11 months of remodeling. But the supermarket Orangután has not stopped working at any point during all of this past year.

How have they been able to keep on remodeling their space without pausing their business? How have they been able to keep operating, encouraging customer loyalty and generating revenue? Renting a provisional removable supermarket, VALL’s EcoSpace model.

Industrial tents provisional supermarket

Ecospace industrial tents as a solution to company problems

An industrial removable tent, with a rental scheme, was the only viable option to be able to continue with their activity while their building was under construction, because of two clear reasons:
-It was essential to have a building that adapts to the chain’s brand and image.
-And it had to be adequate to the specific necessities of a supermarket: with refrigeration rooms, loading bay, storage, ventilation and air conditioning systems, etc.

Renting an already built conventional warehouse would not have allowed Orangután to have the corporate and personalised space that they needed. And buying a removable industrial tent is not viable when the building is only needed for a period of time. However, with VALL’s industrial tents, by renting, the supermarket chain didn’t need to change any of their requirements as VALL could provide a space made to their specific needs.

The facade of this EcoSpace tent not only had Oranguntán’s own lettering and posters. It also was built with a glass facade with its corporeal label on a marquee, achieving a look that is modern and functional fitting with the latest trends. Their brand colours have been present in the building’s outside and inside, where everything was adapted to make sure the customers’ and workers’ security and comfortability was the biggest priority.

Industrial tents provisional supermarket

A wide, safe and welcoming space

This 20m wide by 60m long tent was covered with a ceiling of opaque thermal tarp and sandwich panels in dark grey, their corporate colour. So that their regular customers wouldn’t doubt for even a second that they weren’t there, working to serve them with the same quality as always.

This has come to an end and now VALL is in charge of dismantling the tent in a cautious and organised way, in order to offer a second life to the construction materials that still have a lot to offer.


If you also need to remodel your establishment and don’t want (or can’t) to stop your services, at VALL we offer you clever cover solutions that fit your expectations, requirements and budget.

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