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The industrial sector relies on removable buildings and industrial tents

The advantages and functionalities of removable warehouses and industrial tents mean that they are increasingly being used in the industrial sector. Not only at specific moments, but also as a long-term or even permanent solution.

Examples of the use of industrial tents and removable warehouses in the industrial sector.

The possibilities of industrial tents and removable industrial buildings are countless. We at VALL know this well and have proven this on numerous occasions in our work. And the fact is that they alone already give a sample of the reasons for the growing demand for these solutions in a large number of economic sectors.

Today we summarise some of the most outstanding uses that can be given to them in the industrial sector. 

Industrial storage.

Every manufacturing company needs storage space, both for the reception of raw materials and for storage prior to the distribution of the products manufactured in its facilities. And, in this sense, removable warehouses are an increasingly demanded solution.

Their versatility and high performance make them the perfect warehouses for products as diverse as cereals and aircraft. In fact, it is in this type of use where a very large size is required, where removable industrial warehouses make the difference. In particular, the steel-framed removable warehouses, which can be converted into huge warehouses without any obstacles.

Another of the added values of this type of warehouses is their scalability and mobility. In the environment of emerging sectors and start-ups, storage facilities often require the option to be rethought according to the evolution of the business. They have to be able to adapt to the possibility of increasing or decreasing their size, to fulfil their function only for a very limited period of time and even to move to a more suitable location. This is not possible with a construction site building, but it is feasible and common with a removable building. A quality that, in reality, benefits any type of sector. Even more so nowadays, where technology and market developments are dizzying and predictions are easily affected by unexpected events, such as a floods or even a pandemic.

Loading and unloading.

Removable industrial buildings can incorporate loading and unloading bays of different sizes. This makes them perfect for the transit of goods. The tent makes it easier to protect the products from the weather or man’s actions, and is much more economical and cost-effective than an on-site construction. 

In addition, the loading dock, like the rest of the building, is reversible, so that if the company’s needs change, it can be removed or put up when you start to need it.


The industrial sector relies on removable buildings and industrial tents

Exhibition and sales.

When we talk about the industrial sector, it is easy to forget that the company itself often needs to show the customer what it does. The exhibition next to the factory itself, at trade fairs or in other environments, is one more point in the chain of the company’s own tasks.

In addition to displaying the manufactured products, these tents can also include spaces for visitor services or direct sales. 

Regardless of the size of the company or whether it sells to other businesses or to the end consumer, removable warehouses offer a variety of aesthetic and functional possibilities that will impress any visitor. 


Working space.

Removable industrial buildings are becoming increasingly high-performance, allowing us to offer them to our customers for more demanding tasks.

This is the case of factories in which it is necessary to expand the work space to house more machinery, expand the production line and hire more staff, especially when the increase in production is related to a specific project of limited duration.

In these situations, at VALL we know how to provide our removable warehouses with all the safety and comfort necessary for people and machines to carry out their functions in the best possible conditions.


The industrial sector relies on removable buildings and industrial tents


Removable warehouses as a quick solution for temporary or urgent needs of the company.

For various reasons, it is common for a company to need extra space in which to carry out certain manufacturing processes from time to time. And it might be that it needs it now, urgently. Or it may urgently need to move to another location.

It may also need to grow easily, quickly and economically, to avoid losing business. Or you may even need to provide for a possible future dismantling, as cheaply and sustainably as possible.

These are just some of the many reasons why our industrial customers need an emergency or temporary solution to house their production processes.


Covered parking.

The use of industrial tents for company vehicles is becoming increasingly popular. The growing demand is mainly based on the protection of the vehicle fleet from the weather, especially in places with bad weather or sea salt effects. The purpose of these covered spaces or even completely enclosed warehouses is to extend the life of the vehicles and to keep them cleaner for longer in a simple and cost-effective way.

Recently the demand is also extending to their use as a covered parking solution for employees, as a further service to staff, keeping their private vehicles protected from the sun, the weather and, in certain industries, even from environmental dirt.


The industrial sector relies on removable buildings and industrial tents

Industrial tents as semi-enclosed spaces for activities that should not be carried out indoors.

Some industrial tasks should not be carried out indoors. But it is also impractical to do so in a 100% open space, as rain could paralyse the work or make it more difficult. The sun in the middle of summer is also highly undesirable for the safety of the workers and the quality of the materials.

In these cases, industrial tents are the ideal solution. Bought or rented. They are quick and easy to set up and can be moved if requirements change.


The industrial sector relies on removable buildings and industrial tents

Adapting to new business needs.

The outbreak of the pandemic has made it clear that unforeseen events can have different origins and force companies to adapt to them. Removable warehouses and industrial tents help to facilitate flexibility in the use of space. For example, to allow an adequate safety distance when carrying out certain tasks. Or to install a canteen for workers that meets the sanitary requirements for ventilation and safety.

Also if production has increased and it is necessary to have a changing room area to accommodate more workers while maintaining the comfort and safety of users.

And, of course, industrial buildings can also house offices, as they include suitable floors and enclosures that guarantee good thermal insulation and even cross ventilation systems, if necessary. 

At VALL we are well aware of all the main and peripheral uses that can be covered by an industrial tent or removable warehouse, and we make every effort to provide them with the highest quality standards and optimised prices. So that our customers’ needs are met quickly, economically and efficiently.


The industrial sector relies on removable buildings and industrial tents

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