11 diciembre, 2017 Vall



Any structure or building whether they are made of steel or even of formworked concrete may be considered as removable, since all of them can be dismantled and part of their components are likely to be reused.  Nevertheless, ¿what are our grounds and what is our concept of a removable industrial building or pavilion?

Our vision of a removable industrial building or pavilion reaches far beyond the fact of being relatively easy to assemble and dismantle with 100% or reusable components.

Our systems have been designed and developed to simplify assembling and dismantling operations (when necessary), as well as to present all the necessary features that allow their assemble and set off in a shorter time.

Our KIT systems is delivered at the facilities similarly to an IKEA piece of furniture. i.e. they come with all the necessary components for its assembly without any workshop requirements during the installation process. A human team with a common knowledge on mechanic assemblies should be able to assemble the whole structure just by following the provided drawings and without any significant difficulty.

Just with the use of common hand tools, the whole structure can be assembled and finished with the only extra help of lifting equipment either to hoist or hold components or operators at the right level to complete the installation of the structure or pavilion.

Although we provide systems that may cover large surfaces, our solutions are simple and easy to install.

If you are considering the installation of an industrial building, a pavilion or an industrial tent remember that there are systems that will provide you with indoor spaces in a quick, simple and economic way.  Discover our range of removable KITs. Also available for rent.

If you have the land, we have the right industrial structure for your needs.