23 junio, 2020 Roger Vall

In what can a removable industrial building turn into inside a harbour

In what can a removable industrial building turn into inside a harbour: Port terminals are characterized by their complexity and large size. In their facilities, all kinds of goods, products and materials are stored, such as those that must be loaded on a boat, as well as those that are unloaded and organized for their correct distribution through other means of transport.

It may also be the place where check-in, boarding and disembarkation of passengers is managed, with all the services that such activity entails.

So, what use can the removable industrial building be within this infrastructure?

First, let’s look at the challenges and needs of a port terminal.

As far as cargo terminals are concerned, we could say that the main challenges are the optimisation of space and the safety of goods. These ports handle immense loads and the infrastructures to store them are many and large. Any system capable of optimizing a few meters can make a significant difference.

removable industrial building harbour

On the other hand, ports are spaces open to the sea, they are very exposed to weather events, and their warehouses and logistic spaces must be able to withstand this type of inclemency. They must also guarantee the perfect conservation of the different types of materials and products that are stored in them. It is essential that these buildings offer a high level of insulation and watertightness, to prevent them from being damaged by humidity, the sun or salt. In some ports, moreover, there must be buildings that can guarantee the safeguarding of these goods from possible theft or accidents.

The passenger terminal is a must, talking about safety. But they must also be comfortable, efficient and, in many cases, visually attractive.

Does a removable industrial building cover all these needs?

The answer is YES. The removable industrial buildings we created at VALL, certainly are. With all the guarantees.

Our warehouses are designed and built to suit each project and any size. They offer high insulation, are totally watertight, and can be completed with specific treatments to protect against UV rays, salt corrosion and the effects of humidity. They can be easily air-conditioned and include different ventilation modes.

They can be light or robust, translucent or opaque, with exterior and interior protections, with all types of doors, loading docks, windows, shop windows, canopies, coatings, prints… You can create imposing and impressive structures, visually unique.

removable industrial building harbour

But, in addition, the removable industrial buildings that we manufacture in VALL offer additional properties that no construction site can provide. They do not need master walls or architectural complements, they take advantage of the space of each constructed meter. They are modular and without foundations, they can be assembled and disassembled when they are no longer needed. But they can also be made larger or smaller according to need, giving port terminals an increasingly essential value in today’s changing market: the possibility of growing and shrinking as needs change.

At VALL we help to grow and to decrease, to optimize space and costs. We not only build, but also manufacture and, of course, advise all our customers to create, among many other projects, efficient, profitable and safe port terminals.

removable industrial building harbour