11 diciembre, 2017 Vall

GRUPO ANTOLÍN Demountable warehouse

Grupo Antonlín has set up an Alu Stock demountable warehouse at its Porriño plant to increase storage capacity.

Warehouse size: 15 x 34 x 5 m.

Flexibility makes our demountable warehouses ideal when in need of additional roofing to address temporary production spikes.

In this particular case, and in addition to the demountable warehouse we installed as a rental, we adapted the project to the specificities of the terrain and the size of the existing space. This required a preliminary topographical study in order to adapt the demountable building to the unevenness of the terrain levels and fine-tuning the standard modular dimensions to make the best possible use of the available space.

Indoor warehouse specs

Our Technical department oversaw all pertinent modifications to the lengths of each structural pillar as well as to the sizing of the special module so as to facilitate installation.

At Vall we offer the possibility of customising our demountable structures (whether for sale or for rent) to adapt them to the specific requirements of our clients: a turnkey service that avoids costly investments.