27 abril, 2020 Carles Vall

The first removable steel building

The first removable steel building: For years, VALL have been working with steel structures to build large, totally diaphanous and highly resistant removable industrial buildings.

Now, we take a step further to include a new model of removable steel building to our catalogue, which allows to install steel covers and enclosures too. A type of space that is highly resistant, rigid and of great visual impact.

first removable steel building

An example of this new model is the new section of the Nissan Brand Center that we built in Barcelona. A steel structure covered and closed with multi-layered steel and glass insulation panels, with wooden simulation trims and a large and elegant front canopy.

Factories, workplaces or logistics spaces

These types of buildings are particularly tough. They are ideal for factories, workplaces and logistics spaces. But above all, their aesthetic possibilities and their insulating properties make them especially comfortable and effective to use as shops, business centres or exhibition and event rooms. Their rigid composition allows windows and counters of any size to be placed anywhere in their structure without losing rigidity, tenacity and resistance, creating an industrial building worthy of being displayed for all to see.


first removable steel building

Manufacturing and assembly mechanism

However, creating a new model of removable industrial building is not just about thinking about new properties and finishes. A manufacturing and assembly mechanism must also be designed. It is necessary to study how it will adapt to the terrain and analyse its durability and resistance. It is especially important to maintain the great advantages of removable industrial buildings: rapid implementation of the project, agile assembly, savings in bureaucratic procedures and the possibility of dismantling it for transfer and reuse.

Manufacturing design in kit form

For this reason, at VALL we have developed a manufacturing design in kit form that allows us to eliminate cuts, welding and machining. In this way, we manage to maintain a maximum level of quality at an adjusted production cost. It supports all the accessories applicable to the rest of the tents and industrial buildings, and also allows implementing a specific treatment to provide a level of RF resistance to fire.

VALL’s commitment does not stop with the quality of the product delivered and the compliance with time and budget. Our commitment is also based on a different and varied offer, created from research and development that allows us our extensive experience in assembling, manufacturing and improving. Turning our customers’ challenges into new solutions for the sector.

first removable steel building