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Essential features for grain storage

Essential features for grain storage

Grains are natural products and, once harvested, they continue to live and evolve. If grain is not stored appropriately, its biological activity may be increased and it can quickly become spoiled.

Because of this, it is important to control the internal temperature of the warehouse and, above all, control the humidity. There are numerous of devices and machinery to help control these measures, but it is necessary to have a properly sealed water-tight and insulated space in order to keep these constant.

Types of warehouse

Among the different types of warehouse which are suitable for this activity are the removable industrial buildings, due to their low cost, lack of requirement for foundations and because they are available for sale and for hire.

Of course, not just any removable industrial building structure is suitable for this purpose. A specifically-designed structure is required, such as the ones we have developed at VALL over the years, which are technically specific for responding to the requirements of the sector.

Naves industriales desmontables para almacén de cereales

Water-tightness and ventilation

The principal requirement for these structures is water-tightness, which is necessary both for maintaining temperature, for preservation from humidity and for protection against the emergence of insects. It is essential that there are no escape or entry points for water, humidity, condensation or areas that are not water-tight. But at the same time, it should have ventilation systems and a large entrance.

A versatile removable building

Due to their simplicity, versatility and variety of materials and accessories, the removable industrial buildings do not just offer the perfect closure, water-tightness and insulation capacity, but they also allow for the rapid detection of potential damage to the structure.

The large sections that make up the dismountable structures are perfectly sealed with each other, which make these constructions insulation strong boxes. Their only external access is the doors, and these are provided with the necessary protection so that, when they are closed, the space is completely sealed.

Naves industriales desmontables para almacén de cereales

Ventilation system

Windowless, with locks and double layers, they achieve the ideal space for providing the interior with the specifically required environmental conditions for temperature, humidity and the uniformity of these throughout the whole period of use.  The external ventilation systems minimise spaces within the closures and maximise the use of the internal space.

All these features, and many more, allow VALL to offer customised solutions for each type of location site, product and budget, always guaranteeing optimal preservation conditions for each situation and for the time required by each product.