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Invest in the future, saving money, with a removable, sustainable and efficient industrial warehouse

Invest in the future, saving money, with a removable, sustainable and efficient industrial warehouse

The future will be a sustainable one or none at all. It is a fact that the European Commission has closed the European Green Deal with specific measures to be in control of the amount of residual waste we produce, reduce our energy consumption and completely eradicate fossil fuels out of our day to day life. The objective is to make Europe the first climate neutral continent by 2050.

Sustainable, efficient and removable industrial warehouse - Vall

Cars, containers and buildings are all steadily adapting to the new environmental regulations. Each time there is a greater effort being put into obtaining LEED or GREEN certification from construction companies. Guarantees needed for the health, sustainability and efficiency of buildings.

Better insulation, solar panels, double or triple glazed windows, the optimisation of boiler performance, reducing water consumption, etc.

It’s not usual to find a sustainability international certification for a removable industrial warehouse. And still, they meet the most relevant environmental requirements, in comparison to other conventional constructions they:

1. Consume less energy
2. Need less water and resources for its construction
3. Do not generate debris

They can be covered in sustainable and reusable materials. They can provide high insulation performance. Can be translucent to benefit from natural light. And can be easily accompanied by solar panels or geothermal equipment.

Sustainable, efficient and removable industrial warehouse - Vall

How to achieve energy saving?

The removable industrial warehouses achieve energy saving in both production and use:

On one hand, the construction is a lot faster than the ones for conventional warehouses, being able to build a simple industrial tent in a matter of days. That means that there’s less energy consumption in each construction, both electrical and that derivative of fossil fuels. That provides a great amount of money saving and a significant reduction of CO2 emissions and other polluting gases.

Of course, it also needs less machinery to lift a removable industrial warehouse. The construction process of a conventional warehouse needs a great amount of equipment and big machinery in order to dig and place the structure’s foundations. This process takes much less with removable industrial warehouses. In the case of the light aluminium warehouses, this process is reduced to creating anchor points to the ground with steel nails or mechanical expansion plugs.

On the other hand, a removable industrial building or an industrial tent can mean a great amount of savings within the daily energy consumption during its use. The main application for that is the translucent covers, this helps to diffuse sunlight and offers a pleasant natural light all around. For big constructions or challenging climate conditions, a Thermo Wind Safe cover to maintain sustainable lighting and, at the same time, increase the structure’s stability and insulation.

Sustainable, efficient and removable industrial warehouse - Vall

Why does the removable industrial warehouse requires less resources?

Removable industrial warehouses have a metallic structure covered by tarp, metal, glass or any other material with insulating properties and enough resistance to protect the inside.

After that, the only thing left are the connectors, anchor points and the accessories each space requires: access points, loading bays, storefronts, canopies, ventilation and climatisation systems, stormwater pipelines…

Its construction requires a reduced amount of materials. In fact, it doesn’t even need columns. The result is a lightweight structure that maximises the built space.

During the building process, barely any resources are used, other than the materials that make up the structure. Water is not used, concrete is only needed when the conditioning of the ground requires it. There’s no bricks, cement, rods, shingles, blocks or plaster. In fact, not even paint.

Of course, the maintenance process is optimised. Its simplified structure allows us to quickly identify any imperfections. Its repair is simple, any leak or fault that could lead to an increase of consumption or deterioration on the rest of the building, is located and quickly repaired.

This not only means a greater economic saving but also translates into having a more sustainable and respectful space.

Sustainable, efficient and removable industrial warehouse - Vall

How can it not generate any rubble?

The removable industrial warehouses are made from specific pieces. Each element is generated at a precise size, and usually, at the standardised dimensions. This means that no extra pieces are built, just the ones needed.

The process is done with a minimum amount of debris. The construction elements arrive ready to be put in place. There’s no need to make any extra adjustments or get rid of any extra pieces. In addition, the type of climentation is so minimal that it does not require any specific way of digging the ground for placement. Basically, trucks get to the site full and leave empty.

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But removable industrial warehouses are not the only benefit. When they are not needed, they won’t go to waste as each one of their pieces is reusable.

In VALL, in fact, we only work with high quality materials, used in the best way possible, in order to provide each piece its guaranteed durability. Each time a building stops being needed, we remove it and rehabilitate each element. This doesn’t mean that someone needs to order the same exact space, it will do with any other removable industrial warehouse, with other characteristics, needs, size and place, in order to give a new life to our materials.

2050 is the year the EU has placed as the complete sustainable development to all our activities. Within this frame, all buildings should be sustainable and efficient, all trucks and machinery will use renewable energy and all construction materials will be recyclable. For now, if you want a better relationship with our planet and need to link your brand to responsibility and energy saving, the best option is to have a removable industrial warehouse.

It is also worth noting that the removable industrial warehouses are constructions fit for any type of commercial or industrial activity. They are robust enough to build a logistic centre of big dimensions and with the aesthetic variety to create a welcoming and modern sports centre. Its versatility gives us enough range to create a company dining room or a large urban market. Solutions are provided in order to adapt to the different necessities of the occasion whether it’s a cold room for a laboratory or a big open space to celebrate great events under the stars.

UA factory that respects our environment, an ecological logistics centre, a sustainable market, a friendly sports centre or any type of commercial or cooperative building that is environmentally conscious. We can all contribute a little to the Green Revolution.

At VALL we are committed to following the european guidelines and the social expectations. Our contribution to efficiency and sustainability not only are based on recycling and optimising resources but also helping our industry with innovation and investigation. We calculate every detail in order to achieve much more using very little. Making and maintaining each piece to achieve their maximum lifespan while reducing bureaucracy and optimising management to have less very little impact on the environment with our production and building processes. Because, unlike other industries, in construction, to be in favour of taking care of our planet also means reducing costs and improving prices.

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