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What a cardboard and paper warehouse should be

What a cardboard and paper warehouse should be

Paper and cardboard are products of organic origin, particularly sensitive to moisture, heat, light, dust and fire. It is one of the most common materials in the domestic and industrial environment and probably one of the materials that requires the most attention in its conservation.

Cardboard and paper are materials with excellent properties that could easily be lost if they are not stored with all these aspects in mind:

  • Not too cold, not too hot.
  • Minimum possible incidence of UV rays.
  • Minimal exposure to dust.
  • Absolute isolation from water and humidity.
  • Maximum prevention against fire.

Taking into account these parameters, the removable industrial buildings are one of the best options for storing and managing this type of material. Specifically, it has three major advantages over building sites: it protects against ultraviolet rays without the need for additional installations, it offers more space per metre built, and it is much cheaper and faster to build.

Essential to have a light source

In order to be able to handle a cardboard or paper warehouse, it is essential to have a light source. However, UV rays emanate from both natural and artificial light, with the exception of LED lighting which is conditioned for this type of protection. For this reason, in the case of building sites, it is advisable to install this LED lighting.

cardboard and paper industrial warehouse

Translucent cover

In the removable industrial buildings there is the possibility of installing a translucent cover that allows enough light to pass through to work, preventing the passage of ultraviolet rays. This is an economical, sustainable and efficient solution which, when properly manufactured and installed, offers a level of safety and watertightness that is not to be envied in construction work.

Sealing and insulation

The removable industrial buildings offer all the waterproofing and insulation properties necessary for the perfect conservation of these materials. They isolate paper and cardboard from humidity, condensation, dust accumulation, fungal growth and insect entry. They allow the installation of ventilation and temperature control systems. But, above all, they allow a complete use of the built space, since the construction elements occupy a minimum space and allow enough rigidity and resistance to avoid the use of columns and internal pillars, becoming large logistic spaces totally diaphanous.

cardboard and paper industrial warehouse

At VALL, we also work with a wide variety of materials and typologies that allow us to adapt all these properties to the specific needs of our clients, offering a great variety of sizes and levels of climatic resistance. Incorporating all types of access and loading docks. Adaptable and modular spaces that can be used both temporarily and permanently, to facilitate our customers a growth and decrease as sustainable and viable as the material they handle.

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