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Advantages of steel structures

The relocatable steel industrial buildings are a solution that is increasingly chosen by companies, institutions and companies. It has all the advantages of a removable warehouse: assembly speed, energy efficiency and the ability to transform and move. But, in addition, it has its own unique properties that make it the most demanded product in VALL.

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It is preferred for logistics centers and, increasingly, also for the industrial and productive sectors and as points of sale.

But what are those outstanding  advantages that drive companies, corporations and institutions to choose relocatable warehouses with a steel structure?

These are the 4 most relevant:

1. It is the most resistant.

Steel is one of the strongest materials on Earth. Properties from which warehouses built with this material benefit. Thus, steel structures stand out in the market for being:

  •         Very resistant to traction.
  •         Very resistant to compression.
  •         Highly resistant to impact
  •         Very resistant to corrosion.
  •         Very resistant to fatigue.

In addition, steel has a high yield point. All these properties make ships built with steel highly resistant to impacts, fire, salt, humidity, seismic and meteorological events, without fracturing, deforming or deteriorating.

All this makes them the safest, strongest and most stable warehouses in the sector. Those with the least maintenance needs. And the most recommended for areas exposed to harsh weather conditions or the protection of especially sensitive materials or tasks.

2. It is the most enduring.

Due to their resistance and their almost zero maintenance needs, relocatable steel industrial buildings have a very long and efficient useful life.

At the level of profitability this represents a great economic saving. The steel parts that make up the structure last several decades in perfect condition. For many years, they will not need to be repaired or replaced. They will not waste resources, materials, personnel or time.

In addition, its modular structural condition due to the assembly of parts, makes any damage easily identifiable and its repair, quick, simple and economical.

3. Is the biggest one.

The steel structure warehouses allow all types of size and format, both in width and length, as well as in height.

It can function as a small, ultra-resistant industrial warehouse. However, the advantage that most attracts the attention of companies, corporations and institutions is the possibility of building huge, totally open-plan warehouses.

In VALL we have even built our steel 9,000 m2 MaxiSpace removable building without any type of internal column. No element that limits free movement through its interior. Because it does not need any reinforcement, and even so, in VALL we have not yet reached the limit of its possibilities.

In large relocatable warehouses used as a logistics center, it offers total freedom of organization and movement. And the possibility of reorganizing its interior as many times as necessary, because between wall and wall, there is nothing that limits its possibilities.
MaxiSpace - Large dimensions for great ideas

4. It is the most sustainable.

Steel is the most sustainable building material on the market. It is resistant and durable, it hardly needs maintenance or repair, but, in addition, it is a very easy material to recycle. In fact, it is at the top of the ranking of the most recycled materials in Europe.

The steel recycling process is one of the simplest and most efficient that exists. It is 100% recycled, with hardly any loss of material. And it needs very little water and very little energy. It is a highly economical process, in which 85% of water resources, 80% of energy and 95% of coal are saved. Which translates into a lower emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.

All this makes it an inexhaustible material, which hardly generates waste. It is reused and recycled continuously, without losing properties or wasting resources and with a low environmental impact.

The relocatable steel industrial buildings are part of this circular and sustainable economy. But they also add sustainability in themselves, as a construction element, since, unlike conventional construction buildings, removable steel buildings (like all removable buildings) can be adapted to the needs that arise at all times.

If the company needs more space, the warehouse can be expanded. If the company reduces its activity and wants to become smaller, the warehouse can be reduced. If the company finds a better location or a municipality with greater advantages for its activity, the relocatable warehouse can be moved, as is, to the new location. And if the company wants to do without the ship, it is dismantled and the land is recovered intact. Because relocatable warehouses do not significantly affect the terrain, or its surroundings.


At VALL we are fully aware of the advantages of steel structures for companies and we work to continue obtaining more of them: more capacity, more efficiency, more adaptability. The possibilities are limitless.

In addition, our commitment to the environment is firm, out of conviction and responsibility. The future can only be sustainable. That is why one of our flagship products is MaxiSpace, the versatile, solid and sustainable relocatable steel warehouse, which is built and rebuilt to adapt to whatever has to come. Always useful, always efficient.

We invite you to learn about the MaxiSpace solutions and the different configuration possibilities in terms of size, type of roof and cladding. And if you still have doubts about why to choose a removable steel industrial warehouse, do not hesitate to contact us.

Roger vall sales manager