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Advantages of prefabricated metalotextile buildings

Prefabricated metal buildings are in great demand, mainly in the industrial, aeronautical and logistics sectors.

The greater knowledge of the advantages that prefabricated metal buildings provide, are the reason why their demand has increased.

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At VALL we manufacture SteelSpace and MaxiSpace and AluSpace aluminum industrial buildings. We are well aware of the characteristics of prefabricated metal buildings. And what benefits they bring, as they are often the reasons why our customers choose them. We are going to show you the most outstanding ones.

Advantages of prefabricated metalotextile warehouses: top most relevant.

High resistance, characteristic to highlight.

The mechanical properties of the metal are responsible for its high resistance. It is capable of withstanding the force of high winds and offers very good seismic resistance. Does not contribute to the spread of fire. He has great tenacity. And it withstands inclement weather such as rain or snow very well.

Advantages of prefabricated metalotextile buildings

Great durability, another notable feature of prefabricated metal buildings.

A prefabricated steel building has a very long useful life. It can continue to be used safely and efficiently for decades. Whether it is assembled and disassembled many times or if it remains installed in the same place for a long period of time.

Virtually no maintenance needs.

A prefabricated metal building hardly needs any maintenance to be solid, safe, resistant and durable. It can be said that their requirements in this regard are practically nil. And that at the level of cost, time and resources, is very advantageous.

Sustainability and low environmental impact.

Warehouses that can be assembled quickly and that do not require earthworks or significant water consumption during their assembly, their environmental impact is low. Do you want to be a more sustainable company? If you are concerned about the natural environment of your business, and you want to collaborate in a cleaner, ecological and sustainable, this is another advantage to be valued

Great security, another of the strong points of prefabricated metal warehouses.

Who does not care about this aspect? It is one of the most important to decide the storage solution or for the appropriate manufacturing .

Prefabricated metal buildings are very safe. For people, goods and activities that take place in and around them. Due to its mechanical and technical characteristics. For its design, construction and assembly. And for its compliance with the strict European regulations that certifies that it indeed is. 

STEELSPACE Metallic removable buildings

Versatile, multiple uses and functions

The diversity of uses and utilities of prefabricated metalotextile warehouses is immense. They are very versatile and can be used in a variety of sectors and for very different uses. From industrial production to storage

For example? To provide more space to a company due to specific needs for stocking or expansion attached to an existing warehouse. Also for its usefulness to conserve and  protect materials  or certain products. And finally, create a comfortable, safe and temporary space for offices or other types of work.

Advantages of prefabricated metalotextile buildings

They are profitable solutions

Whether purchased or rented, another advantage of prefabricated metal warehouses is that they are profitable solutions. It is only enough to value in the purchase, for example, the acquisition and assembly costs, its durability and practically zero maintenance together with its many possibilities, options and utilities over time. 

The calculations make it clear that the profitability is evident. 


The ability to choose the right prefabricated metal warehouse for your needs, preferences and requirements is important. Due to its surface, the type of lateral and roof enclosure.

You have several options to choose from. And some of them are flexible, adaptable to your specific needs based on the concern you want to solve (price, level of tightness or insulation capacity, for example).

Quick and easy assembly and commissioning. 

Another of the strengths of prefabricated metal buildings is their speed and ease of assembly and commissioning. That is, the short time it takes to locate it in the desired place and start using it in the desired way. In fact, it is one of the reasons why, with increasing frequency, industrial and economic sectors choose this type of warehouse as a solution. 

And it is that they solve temporary, ephemeral or lasting needs almost immediately. Depending on its size or characteristics, transport and assembly may require more or less days, but it is a very agile and fast process. 

This allows the need to be satisfactorily covered in a few days, without external delays. And if you later decide to retire the warehouse or move it to another location, it’s an equally quick process.

Known and unalterable costs.

When deciding which solution to choose, it is important to have a detailed budget. The problem with concrete work warehouses is that it is common for unforeseen events and cost overruns to arise during the process: prices that rise, taxes that change, items that had not been calculated… It is something well known in the business world .

Precisely one of the advantages of prefabricated metal warehouses is that they allow a known, fixed and unalterable cost. What is budgeted and contracted is what is paid for it. Be it a purchase or a rental. 

Having this financial peace of mind allows the company to make its calculations and decide without fear, knowing that there will be no subsequent changes.

They do not interrupt the operation of the company

And this is another important advantage to highlight. Because the company can continue to carry out its activity in a normal way while the detachable warehouse is being installed (or uninstalled). I don’t stop production or work. 

You already know the main advantages of prefabricated metalotextile buildings. To request a quote or consult the appropriate solution for your needs, contact us

Carles Vall General Manager