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Main advantages of high-altitude logistics and warehousing

High-rise logistics and warehousing is the modality that best takes advantage of such a valuable and expensive resource as land.

Increasing height can be an economical, ecological and practical way to gain space and make the most of the square metres that your logistics centre already occupies. Of course, to have these advantages, you must acquire the most suitable and adapted type of building for this type of transformation.

Sustainability and social balance.

By gaining cubic metres of storage in height, less square metres of floor are required for the same volume of goods. Thanks to the good use of the square metres, it is not necessary to industrialise large spaces of land. Something of special importance in logistics centres next to large cities or at key points near highways, in rural or semi-rural towns.

This way, a high volume of goods and workspace can be maintained. Leaving land for other sectors such as agriculture, municipal land for collective use and enjoyment or for the construction of houses that allow the future growth of cities.

Savings and profitability.

Another great advantage of high-rise logistics and warehousing is cost savings. In the purchase or rental of land for warehouses and in the consequent annual taxes and other expenses derived from it.

It also allows you to have warehouses, profitably, efficiently and at a lower cost, to house a greater volume of goods in highly valued areas, such as port logistics centres.


VALL - Main advantages of high-altitude logistics and warehousing.

Space optimisation.

If you already have your own land, but there is no possibility of expanding your company in square metres, you can choose to expand in cubic metres, taking advantage of the verticality of the space. Growth that can be fast, profitable and efficient, as long as it is a removable industrial building.

The system is equivalent to that of a tiny warehouse in which, to gain storage space and functionality, tall cabinets are installed. You do not need to add square metres of land to gain cubic metres of storage.

Solutions for high-rise logistics and warehousing.

In order to enjoy the advantages of high logistics and storage, there are a series of solutions designed and manufactured specifically to be able to handle goods at a great distance from the ground. They are greatly tested and their implementation has grown almost exponentially in recent years.

VALL - Main advantages of high-altitude logistics and warehousing.

High altitude automated management systems.

It consists of a network of tools, such as stacker cranes and automated high-bay pallet trucks, which allow efficient, fast and precise operation. They are elements of technological innovation that allow the maximum use of the warehouse’s cubic metres in a safe and profitable way.

Racks with raised aisles.

Racks with elevated aisles and loading ramps or elevators allow the operator to manually access all references. Of course, they always include elements that guarantee people’s safety.

It is the most chosen solution for all types of picking warehouses. Among its advantages, there is the saving of not having to replace all the machinery for internal use, as well as having the human team which you already have and their experience to continue growing.

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Mixed high-rise storage systems.

They combine the advantages of automation with manual high-bay storage systems. In addition, you can count on additional technological transport systems such as, for example, conveyor belts that, although they are not a novel solution, continue to be very efficient and profitable. After all, what any company needs.

What constructions allow you to enjoy great height, quickly and efficiently?

An increasingly adopted solution in the high-rise logistics and warehousing sector is the use of high-rise removable industrial buildings.

They have the optimum level of security, stability and sturdiness to guarantee the comfort of people and the conservation of the goods.

But, in addition, it has a wide range of advantages compared to conventional construction that, at VALL, we strive to increase, day by day. Among them, the most prominent are:

  • Immediacy. Both its planning and its construction require much less time than conventional building.
  • Saving. Energy and resource consumption is also much lower. Therefore, it is a more measured and environmentally friendly investment.
  • Availability. You can purchase a removable industrial warehouse in purchase or rental mode. In either case, the warehouse will be built based on your project, in a personalised way, with materials of excellent performance.
  • Reversibility. The use of removable industrial buildings allows you to recover the land and leave the area clean, when you no longer need it. Its disassembly is as fast and sustainable as its assembly. And the environmental impact it produces is low.
  • Scalability. Whether your needs increase or decrease, your removable warehouse will be able to adapt to the new situation, both growing and decreasing.

At VALL we have been committed to the efficiency of our removable industrial buildings for a long time. We have taken height as one more factor of consideration and use that, today, new technologies and security mechanisms make it completely applicable and functional.

As always, our goal is to help you grow your business with cost-effective logistics and warehousing solutions, now also high-rise. For this reason, all our structures, both in aluminum and in steel, allow this type of construction, which can reach up to 12 metres high. So you can get as much space as possible on your land.


Main advantages of high-altitude logistics and warehousing